2016 Graduates of MHS

Purchase your 2016 graduation lawn signs for Montclair High School graduates as 50 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Project Graduation.

Support the MHS senior graduates of 2016 by making their last year here the best it can be!

2016It’s that time of year again, graduation! Parents, siblings and other relatives are preparing their congratulations; the same holds true for residents of Montclair.

Every year, the faculty and parents of Montclair High School host Project Graduation. Project Graduation is an “all-night party” that starts as soon as graduation ends. Students are able to celebrate with their classmates in an environment without drugs or alcohol.

This event is planned mostly by the parents of graduating seniors, with the additional help of many people throughout the Montclair community. Faculty and parents plan the event, which is sponsored by various businesses and families in the surrounding area.

Many businesses are also coming together to show their support for the graduating seniors. Studio042, a local super printer business, is continuing their tradition of selling signs to the community so residents can display their congratulations. Purchases can be made through Studio042’s subdivision, Montclair Mounties. Examples of the signs are pictured above and below. This year, Studio042 will be donating a majority of their proceeds to the Project Graduation event.

“Every year, Studio042 sells the lawn signs,” said Scott Kennedy, CEO of Studio042. “This year, we have offered to support Project Graduation through the sales of these signs.”

2016Examples of the signs are shown in the pictures. At the top, you can see the generic Montclair High School congratulatory lawn sign, which retails for $47 and is available immediately. To the left, you can see the custom lawn sign, which can feature the name of your graduate for $102. All signs are 24 inches by 36 inches. Custom orders require a three day wait time. All signs are available for pickup at Studio042, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at their main office on 423 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair.

In 2015, Studio042 donated a total of $1,075 to Project Graduation, which added to the 2014 donation of $1,120 and 2013 donation of $1,075, bringing a three year total of $4,220! Give Studio042 a call at 973-509-7591 to request a Class of 2016 lawn sign today! Members of the community are encouraged to come together and help support the graduating students.

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