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Review The Montclair Dispatch's "Our Market" page for a statistical breakdown of TMD's readership.

Check out the following statistical breakdown* of our market.

While The Montclair Dispatch has earned the attention of 46,083 readers to our local news site we are still not reaching enough of our target audience. We are growing though, Our readership is up an amazing 3,737.76% in just the last 36 months, yes that is over Three Thousand percent. The Pew Research Center reports that our industry has been in a steady decline for more then ten years loosing roughly 2-5% per year. We are proud to se we have found those readers and they enjoy our efforts. They even send chocolate, nuts, wine and concert tickets which rightfully goes to the hardest working staff bar-none. Google has rewarded us by listing us on the Google-News site, sending our articles out to an ever larger circle of readers. How large? Google tells us our visitors come in from 164 countries on six continents, I ‘ll bet we have had readers from Antarctica but Google is not tracking that data at the moment.

All that is interesting yes but to our advertisers, and we really do love you all, the important visitors, the readers they want their display ads in front of mostly hail from the greater Montclair New Jersey area, roughly 80% of our readers.

So if you are looking to get your business, your products or services in front of several thousand of readers each month just give us a call, we are in a deal making mode.

Here is a link to our advertising rates. [ little hint here…our subscribers get lower rates on advertising…]

The Montclair Dispatch Market:

Population total (most recent data July 2007): 104,885
Male: 49,386
Female: 55,499

For population 25 and older:
High school or higher: 
Bachelor’s degree or higher:
Graduate or professional degree: 23.725%
Unemployed: 3.725%

Never married:  27.05%

Now married: 57.27%

Separated: 1.42%

Widowed: 6.82%

Divorced: 7.42%

Median resident age: 39.1 years

Estimated median household income in 2013: $101,125.75

Estimated median house or condo value in 2013: $445,021.75


Image courtesy of Google Maps
Image courtesy of Google Maps

*Data collected from CityData.com



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