Writer’s Page

Admire the writing style of one of our writers? Curious to read more of their articles? No worries. We've listed our writers just for you!

Want to read more articles based on a specific The Montclair Dispatch writer? 

Scott Kennedy, Publisher

Erica Manansala, Managing Editor

Catherine Baxter, News Editor

Rachel Belsky, Assistant Managing Editor

Rebecca Firkser, Contributing Editor and Writer

Eve Mahaney, Staff Photographer

Emma Gallof, Writer and Photographer

Margaret Belkhyat, Writer and Photographer

Joseph Michalitsianos, Journalist

Steven Zang, Writer

Rosemarie Salvatore, Writer

Brittany Abuhoff, Writer 

Andrea Fasciano, Writer

KellyMarie Braun, Writer

Theadora Lecour, Writer

Stephanie Russo, Writer

Stephanie Schieder, Writer

Rachel Hanrahan, Writer

Phoenix Herring, Writer 

Maddy Firsker, Writer

John Salimbene, Writer

Roya Lotfi, Writer

Kelly Potts, Writer

Kerstin Groop, Writer

Lena Rawley, Writer

Nicole Spataro, Writer 

Christine Byczkiewicz, Writer

Kirstie Kovats, Writer

Kiara Estevez, Writer

Ben Hadley, Writer

Kate Van Frank, Writer

Isamar Cortes, Writer

Monika Bujas, Writer

Gabrielle Gervais, Writer

Chad Riley, Writer

Christopher Tenebruso, Writer

Nico Thompson, Writer

Gabe Friedin, Intern

Michael Wright, Intern 

Aleksandra Mufceska, Intern

Jasmine Diaz, Intern

Caitlin Kennedy, Contributing Writer 

Bruce Tyler, Contributing Writer

Armando Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

Jacob Deutsch, Contributing Writer

Lila Taylor, Writer

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