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March 7, 2017

As a boutique store owner in town (Atelier), I have to say that I found your recent tagline on the article about ENVY very insulting and irresponsible. At a time when we, as the store owners are trying to come together to promote shopping in town, I find it in such bad taste and will be sharing it with the other boutique owners. Very poor judgement. And just for the record, I am not envious of the boutique.

-Robert Greco from Atelier

“I would have to second that. As a boutique-owner in Montclair, I would have to say I am not envious of any of my fellow boutique-owners (ESBB: Everything Should Be Beautiful).  Robert Greco recently orchestrated a great photo shoot for all boutique-owners in Montclair to showcase their spring collections to spearhead the “Montclair Shopping District” movement. We’ve all got our own niches and customer-base, so I do believe the comment was in poor taste. We even reached out to Gorga when her partner cleaned out her inventory and left her shelves bare, so there is no envy here. Please be more kind and responsible in promoting a harmonious, peaceful environment amongst the business-owners in Montclair, as that is what we strive to maintain on our own.”

-Shoshone Stewart from ESBB: Everything Should Be Beautiful


January 19, 2017

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the article dated January 19, 2017. It is great that there is a new station manager at TV 34! It is about time! But … I want to know why “Robin’s Nest” was singled out. I certainly hope that no one suggested that she be targeted for exclusion from the programing schedule.

I think that it is not fair to her and her show, which by the way, was a really good show! Its programing was very diverse with an interesting format, touching on a variety of topics ranging music to literature and beyond.

I don’t like it! I don’t think it is fair to do that, because it gives the impression to the community that her show was not up to par for whatever reason.

And by the way, what is going to happen to “ARTS UP CLOSE,” a program that grew out of the “Montclair Jazz Project’s” monthly jazz in Montclair “Jam Sessions,” a program that was first hosted by Meg Beattie and later Zara Phillips.

Arts programing is a vital necessity in the township and TV 34 should make sure that it is a priority!

I am a long lifelong resident of Montclair, and have received 3 proclamations from the Township for my involvement in the arts for more than 40+ years here, in addition to my involvement with MACA, the Montclair African American Heritage Parade & Festival, The Montclair Arts Council, and currently with the Montclair Arts Advisory Committee.

Bruce Tyler

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