Where Are They Now?

They used to work at the Montclair Dispatch...where are they now?

Looking for a previous staff member? Check out the Where Are They Now page to find out more info on what former Montclair Dispatch staff members are up to!


Lena Rawley, former Assistant Editor at the Montclair Dispatch
Following her time at the Montclair Dispatch, Rawley went on to be an Editorial/Web Intern at ELLE Magazine and an Editorial Intern at Women’s Health Magazine. Currently a sophomore at NYU, Rawley works as an Editorial Beauty Intern at Us Weekly and is on the Editorial Board at Washington Square News, the NYU student newspaper.


Rebecca Firkser - Writer
Rebecca Firkser – former Managing Editor

Rebecca Firkser, former Managing Editor at the Montclair Dispatch
Following her time at the Montclair Dispatch, Firkser began working as an Editorial Intern at POPSUGAR. She also works as a freelance writer and recipe developer, blogging regularly at Spices and Spatulas, and contributing to publications such as Food52, The Nosher, and Freja Daily.






Caitlin Imbimbo, former Contract Web Developer at the Montclair Dispatch
After designing the Montclair Dispatch‘s website, Imbimbo worked as a Digital Media Specialist at City Fire Equipment Company and a Social Media Coordinator at Flying Point Digital. She is currently a YouTube Partner at Exonia Network Limited and Manager of Social & Video Promotions at Graphic D-Signs, Inc.


KellyMarie Braun – former Writer at the Montclair Dispatch

Kellymarie Braun - Intern
Kellymarie Braun – former Writer

KellyMarie Braun, or as most call her Kelly, has just recently graduated from Montclair State University, where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Television Production. Kelly aspires to be a reporter or anchor for a major news network due to her love for journalism and writing. On her off time, Kelly loves to go to the gym, go fishing with her boyfriend, go to the beach, and eat ice cream! Starting this September 2016, Kelly will be attending the Arthur L. Carter Institute at New York University in pursuit of her Masters Degree in the College of the Arts and Sciences.


Stephanie Russo
Stephanie Russo – former Writer

Stephanie Russo – former Writer at the Montclair Dispatch

Stephanie Russo graduated from Montclair State University, who participated in the television and digital media program with a concentration in TV Production. She has been working at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as their music and general production intern for her last semester in college, and will be working full time as a Music Production Assistant at the Today Show upon graduation in May. She started writing for The Montclair Dispatch in the beginning of her senior year, to advance her writing skills and get hands on experience with interviewing people and covering events. As a fashion intern/writer, she has been able to meet with countless boutiques, shops, and business owners all around Montclair and tell their story. She hopes to continue writing on the side, and to one day become an entertainment producer/reporter.


Theadora Lecour – former Writer

Theadora Lecour – former Writer at the Montclair Dispatch

Theadora Lecour was born and raised in New York City before she moved to Fort Lee, New Jersey in 2006. Inspired by culture and the arts, she earned two Bachelor degrees from Montclair State University in Communication and Media Arts and Theater Studies. During her time at school, she studied abroad in Germany, Italy and Chile and produced theater internationally. She also wrote, edited and published over 100 articles with the university newspaper, The Montclarion, 30 interviews with The Montclair Dispatch and 20 articles with the marketing agency, Today’s Business.  She continues to find ways to both write and contribute to her community in meaningful ways.


Roya Lotfi – former Writer at the Montclair Dispatch

Roya Lotfi, Contributing Writer
Roya Lotfi – former Writer

Roya Lotfi is currently a student in the pharmacy program at Montclair State University, and is also a contributing writer for the Montclair Dispatch. She specializes in the medical category of the paper, and has always had a passion for both the sciences and writing. She hopes to continue on to pharmacy school and also continue writing as a hobby in the future.





John Salimbene – former Writer

John Salimbene – former Writer at the Montclair Dispatch

John Salimbene is a local writer, musician, filmmaker and actor residing in Nutley, N.J. He is studying audio design and television production at Montclair State University, and starting a creative writing minor in the Spring 2016 semester. He started with the Montclair Dispatch in August of 2015 and writes restaurant reviews of the Montclair, Little Falls and Bloomfield area. Growing up a lifelong musician, he acquired a love for creative writing during his senior year at Nutley High School and started filmmaking and acting in his first year at MSU. He is the creator, head writer and an actor in the college-run comedic web series, The Reel Crew. In addition, John has been involved in the production of numerous short films. Now a sophomore, he aspires to be a novelist and a screenwriter for television/film. However, he still continues to carry out his love for music in his solo project, The World Turning, and the indie band Bernbach with another Montclair Dispatch intern, Steven Zang.


Bruce Tyler – former Contributing Writer at the Montclair Dispatch

Bruce Tyler - Contributing Writer
Bruce Tyler – former Contributing Writer

Bruce Tyler is a lifelong resident of Montclair and has been involved in and worked with many organizations. A professional musician for most of his life he has performed quite extensively in the tri-state area. Some of the organizations he has worked with are The Montclair Arts and Cultural Alliance, The Montclair African American Heritage Parade & Festival, The Martin Luther King Jr., Festival, First Night Montclair, The Montclair 4th of July Committee and others. He has also performed at The Bitter End, N.Y.C., Kenny’s Castaways, N.Y.C., The Village Gate, as well as many other venues in all five boroughs in and around New York City. He is currently performing with his band Black Lace Blues, The Michaeal Reitman Blues Band and Singer-Songwriter Michelle Emmett. He hosts the Tuesday Night Open Mic Jazz Jam at the DLV Lounge and is the Open Mic house drummer at Trend Coffee House & Tea Room.


caitlin kennedy
Caitilin – former CIP Intern

Caitlin Kennedy, former CIP Intern at the Montclair Dispatch
Caitlin attends Kenyon College. She is undeclared, but thinking about majoring in Environmental Studies. In the future, she plans to attend graduate school in order to pursue a career with architecture. Continuing on from her previous writing career with The Mountaineer at Montclair High School, her internship with the Montclair Dispatch has helped her build team working skills, which she thinks are crucial in a future career as an architect.


maddy firkser
Maddy Firkser – former CIP Intern

Maddy Firkser, former CIP Intern at the Montclair Dispatch
Maddy attends Bard College and planning on majoring in Sociology. Her internship at the Montclair Dispatch helped her learn time management, writing, and interviewing skills. These lessons have been helpful with all kinds of writing assignments (academic and recreational). Additionally learning to work with  people of different ages and backgrounds is always good practice for her future, as she hopes to one day become a social worker. She also writes for the Bard Student newspaper, the Bard Free Press.




Gabe Friedin – former CIP Intern

Gabe Friedin, former CIP Intern at the Montclair Dispatch
Gabe Friedin is a student at Oberlin College interested in studying Environmental Studies and Chemistry. Raised in Montclair, he is a proud member of the community that has played a pivotal role in his life. He credits the unique culture of his upbringing surrounded by sports and the arts as the most special part of the community. Through this community, he found The Montclair Dispatch where he worked as a contributing writer at the end of his senior year of high school in 2016. His experience taught him important communication skills and responsibility within a team.




Rebecca Brownsword, former CIP Intern at the Montclair Dispatch

Rebecca is currently attends University of Colorado Boulder.


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