38 Special is Relentlessly Talented

The legendary powerhouse, 38 Special, will be performing at Wellmont Theater on Feb. 26 as they continue to play over 100 cities a year.

38 Special is known for their signature blast of Southern Rock. 

38 special
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

38 Special has been together for more than three decades, bringing an explosive power to every performance. With each band member bringing their own unique element, they all strive to maintain an intensity in their live shows. They represent camaraderie and brotherhood with a long history of classic songs.

38 Special consists of Don Bares, Danny Chauncey, Barry Dunaway, Gary Moffatt and Bobby Capps. Bares is the guitarist/vocalist. His talent wasn’t the result of inherent genius, but rather years of persistence and good, old-fashioned, hard work. He continues to have the passion and confidence to excel in the music industry.

Chauncey is also a guitarist/vocalist exhibiting prowess and class. His soothing and cool vibe speaks more of the soul as he serves as inspiration to many future guitarists, always making the time for fans, especially the younger crowd.

Bobby Capps, keyboardist and vocalist, has contributed to the band’s distinct southern sound. Capps truly shines through the 38 Special’s song, “Second Chance.” Gary Moffat, drummer, has won over the band’s die-hard fanatics. He’s probably one of the few percussionists who can reel in a crowd with a drum solo. His electrifying talents is the foundation of 38 Special’s rhythms. Barry Dunaway, bassist and newest member, brings a tremendous amount of talent and experience to the table with his versatility and kinetic persona. At the end of the day, all men are an integral part of 38 Special.

“They have a interesting sound that I’ve never heard of before,” said Dlae Love, potential concert-goer.

Mark your calendar for Feb. 26 to embark an undeniable night of astonishing music at The Wellmont Theater. If you haven’t already, purchase your tickets now before it’s sold out! Doors open at 7 p.m. and show starts at 8 p.m. so please make arrangements at your earliest convenience to enjoy this performance.

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