90s Throwback Trends

Our favorite 90s trends are making a comeback, appearing in stores such as Bluemercury, Hip Chic, and Urban Outfitters up and down South Park Street.

90s fashion makes a comeback on South Park Street.

Red-haired girl in 90s colour style.
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Throwback Thursday has a new meaning because the 90s are officially back! Recently binging on my new favorite television show of the moment, Sex and the City, I cannot help but find it a more suitable time to get fashion tips from none other than 90s fashion queen, Carrie Bradshaw. SATC embodies all things 90s from the clothes, the shoes, the makeup, all the way down to the dating. Since the Kylie Jenner lip craze, the 90s have officially put themselves back on the map and the trends from the beloved decade are popping up everywhere.

I am personally infatuated with the resurrection of 90s makeup that is being shown everywhere. Dark nude lips paired with a matte face are totally in for this fall and we can all thank Kylie Jenner for that. Jenner’s makeup is the “it” look right now and the hunt to find her exact lip color is still an ongoing investigation. This set the tone for every girl to find that perfect nude and achieve her look.

In 1999, Revlon came out with a lipstick called “Sandstorm,” which was a sheer cocoa shimmer, which became a huge phenomenon. Sadly, it eventually left the shelves along with the beige toned lip trend, until recently this past March Revlon reissued the color. 90s are back and so are its lipsticks! Cindy Crawford, who appeared in the Revlon ads, was the epitome of 90s makeup rocking all the beige tones perfectly paired with her unique beauty mark above her lip making her 90’s look a classic.

Another lipstick by Clinique called “Black Honey” was also extremely popular and a huge hit in the 90s. The color is almost black in the stick, but is extremely sheer when applied to your lips. Bluemercury, found on South Park Street in Montclair, carries Clinique in their store, so if you’re looking for a throwback color of the 90s, “Black Honey’ is a must-buy!

Makeup is not the only thing from the 90s that is being brought back. One huge come back that I have been seeing a ton of recently are tattoo chokers. If you are a true 90s baby you can say that you have definitely rocked a tattoo choker back in the elementary school days. Never did I think that they would be brought back in style. I, of course, caved in, hopped on the bandwagon and purchased one and have been layering it with a ton of other fun chokers. I have been loving the look of it. If you’re looking to snag a tattoo choker, Hip Chic on the corner of Bloomfield Avenue and South Park Street has tons of them. They also have them in many different colors, so if you want to opt out for the classic black you can go more bold with a blue or green one!

Another flashback being brought back are chunky, heeled shoes. Chunky soled shoes aren’t necessarily recent; the thick bottoms have been showcased a ton, but more recently now than ever. Most popular right now are the sneakers or loafers and chunky heeled booties, either of which can be found at Urban Outfitters also on Park Street. These shoes are extremely popular so finding them should not be too hard.

This current trend of 90s fashion and makeup revivals is one I’m definitely a fan of. I love the matte makeup with a dark nude lip look and I’m totally obsessing with chokers right now; they are definitely an everyday wear for me and I will admit I have splurged on a couple pairs of chunky soled shoes recently. These are just a few 90s trends, but luckily if you’re looking to find any of them they can all be found while heading down South Park Street! Starting at Bluemercury and picking out the perfect matte makeup look and heading to Urban Outfitters for some staple shoes and lastly crossing the street to Hip Chic accessorizing with a bold tattoo choker. All these trends can definitely channel a person’s inner Spice Girl and who doesn’t want to be a Spice Girl?

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