’99 Ways to F*ck a Swan’ Review

Geared to a mature crowd, ‘99 Ways’ attracted a full house of college students at last weekend’s performances, presented by Peak Performances.

Peak Performances’ ‘99 Ways to F*ck a Swan’ was surely entertaining.

99 ways to f**k a swan
Photo courtesy of Peak Performances

Montclair State University’s Department of Theater and Dance had the audience on the edge of their seats, practically in tears from laughter with each performance of 99 Ways to F*ck a Swan. The students and faculty in the department partnered with MSU’s sole producing organization, Peak Performances, to make the show a success. The comedic nature of 99 Ways drew large crowds, as each show was just about sold out.

99 Ways was performed in the black box-style Howard L. Fox Theater, making everything much more intimate. At times, the audience felt like they were included in the show. The acting was very natural, leaving every word the actors said believable. With a very provocative nature, the play was definitely geared towards a mature audience, making it very enjoyable for college students.

“This was the third show I’ve assistant stage managed here and it was probably my favorite,” said stage manager, Christain Alba about the process.

99 Ways to F*ck a Swan began with the Greek myth, Leda and the Swan. Michelangelo’s painting by the same title is shown, depicting a girl named Leda who has been impregnated by Zeus, in swan form. The main story then began with an introduction to the lonely lives of Dave and Fiona.

Dave is described as a single man with a broken hearted man. He is enrolled in creative writing instructor, Fiona’s class. As one of the assignments, the class was instructed to write about strange romantic obsessions. Dave chose the Leda and the Swan painting to write about, a decision that fascinated Fiona and sparked their strange relationship.

“Jesse, the director, is always super confident in his vision,” said Alba. “Working with him and this cast has probably been the best experience I’ve had on any show I have worked on.”

The Department of Theatre and Dance at Montclair State University is composed of very versatile performers and directors. From comedy to tragedy and everything in between, the talented artists never cease to keep audiences entertained. 99 Ways to F*ck a Swan was hilarious and something most audiences have never seen performed live. The erotic nature of the script put a different twist on the typical comedic play.

Each week, Peak Performances brings a five-star quality productions to the stage. Visit peakperfs.org for information on upcoming shows and events. Tickets range from $15 to $20 a seat and are free to MSU undergraduate students with an ID present. Don’t miss out on affordable productions located right in Montclair at the Alexander Kasser Theater!

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