American Pickers to Search Montclair

The American Pickers are headed to Montclair, N.J. in August in search of antiques, valuables, and more. Find out how you could be featured on the show.

American Pickers think your junk could be worth thousands!

Junk in the shed
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Montclair is a remarkably historical and well-preserved town complete with history exhibitions, historic house tours and museums (Didn’t know? go to for more info.). For those of you that hold on to items of your past–we’re talking to you, with the overflowing garage and the delicately crazed basement hoarding one-of-a-kind antiques–you’re in luck. History Channel’s American Pickers is coming to Montclair and seeking out your possessions, junk, and more with hopes of turning your lost and forgotten goods into cold hard cash. Are you into it yet? Keep reading.

Mike Wolfe, star of American Pickers and owner of Antique Archeology located in both Nashville, T.N., and LeClaire, I.A., are best known for traveling long and far for the best of the best. Along with his co-star Frank Fritz, they search the country, collecting rare and lost treasures among the garbage of everyday life, thus turning it into profit at their store. Some items are restored and refurbished back to their original prime, but some items are just as sweet covered in rust.

American Pickers been debuted in 2010 and has since been a huge hit, promoting the hobby of “picking” nationwide. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “picking” as most were and some still are, “picking” is simply the act of taking to the road in search of old items, antiques, delicacies, and valuables, either for restoring and reselling purposes or simply as a collector. Consider it high-end recycling.

They collect almost everything that is rustic, odd or unique, at least 20-years-old and, obviously, of value. Some of this stuff may include classic motorcycles and historical fragments, classic Coca-Cola machines, signs, oil industry related items, antique war items, and old machinery.

In just a few weeks the official American Pickers could be knocking on your door, sorting through your things. If you’re a history junky or think you have some valuables lying around you have a chance to land a spot on their television show as well. They are believed to pay cash right on the spot, however brushing up on your bargaining skills wouldn’t hurt.

Wolfe and Fritz are also top historians, providing much knowledge to their audience and clients. Sort through that old collection of yours, rally up your best items, and reach out to the professional pickers as soon as possible, you may be surprised at what your junk is worth. For inquiries or to arrange a meeting, email or dial 1-855-old-rust.

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