Answers Thru Counseling in Montclair

Answers Thru Counseling provides a safe environment, quality counseling and caring service to help individuals work through life’s struggles and stresses.

Find Answers Thru Counseling at 311 Claremont Ave.

answers thru counseling
Photo courtesy of Gianna Caruso.

Answers Thru Counseling aids individuals and families in Montclair by providing counseling and therapy sessions. The practice, dedicated to serving the community, opened at 311 Claremont Ave. in July 2011. Owner Gianna Caruso initially focused on individual services, but since then the practice has grown. Caruso responded to the success by expanding her team and increasing her availability. Today, Answers Thru Counseling employs several professionals: Gianna Caruso, Abbie Phifer and Dr. Ralph Dell’Aquila. Each expert specializes in a different area. The team strives to assist and encourage individuals within the community to live a stress-free and rewarding life.

“I founded Answers Thru Counseling to contribute to the happiness and success of my clients,” said Caruso. “It is my belief that if you have good intentions, you will be compensated generously in business, in more ways than one.”

Answers Thru Counseling offers a range of programs such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Play Therapy and Substance Abuse Counseling. The programs cater to a variety of symptoms and age groups, as well as treat a wide range of mental health conditions. Answers Thru Counseling works with their clients to accept out-of-network insurance benefits.

Since it is common for patients to be skeptical of or nervous about starting therapy, Answers Thru Counseling provides a detailed page on their website called “What to Expect from Therapy.” The page details how Answers Thru Counseling assess and treats patients; all sessions are confidential and tailored to the individual or group. The Answers Thru Counseling website also presents a “Buddha thought of the day.” It is apparent through the website that the team wishes to create an inviting and encouraging space for clients.

“I cannot imagine doing anything else for a living. It’s a career that entails helping others achieve happiness, goals and the ability to work through change,” said Caruso.

Caruso specializes in family and marriage counseling, anxiety and social disorders and coping skills. She previously worked for Essex County Welfare as a substance abuse counselor. Caruso taught preschool and acted as a high school guidance counselor in the past, and is now an active member of the American Counseling Association. She served the Montclair area as a private therapist before she started Answers Thru Counseling. Caruso is currently pursuing a PhD in Industrial Psychology at North Central University.

“As long as the patient and therapist can find a way to connect, therapy will work to create a plan of action that will move the patient forward in a positive direction,” said Caruso.  “That is what I strive to do each and every day.”

Caruso resides in New Jersey with her husband and son. She spends as much time as she can with them. Caruso says she loves her job, but she tries to keep her personal and professional life separate. “Leaving work at the office so that my life is clear of negativity is a priority for me as a therapist, wife and mother,” she said.

Learn more at or follow on Twitter at @AnsThruCnslng. Contact any of the Answers Thru Counseling professionals at 973-746-3366.

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