Applegate Farm Keeps Montclair Cool

As another sweltering summer comes to an end, Montclair mouths are still lining up en masse to taste some of Applegate Farm’s beloved ice cream.

Ice cream by Applegate Farms.

applegate farm
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

Since 1848, Applegate Farm has been a cornerstone of Montclair. Its nostalgic, archaic charm has attracted patrons from all over northern New Jersey for as long as the ice cream has been served.

While Montclair is home to many new frozen treat shops such as Let’s Yo frozen yogurt and Coldstone Creamery’s ice cream, residents of Montclair have an affinity towards Applegate Farm that has persevered through the civil war, the great depression and two world wars. This loyalty may stem from the fact that Applegate Farm‘s nobility is not solely founded in great ice cream. During the 1800’s, Applegate Farm was a way-station for escaped slaves trying to make it to Canada. There is something highly sentimental and comforting in knowing what an establishment stands for and stood for, even over a century ago.

The ice cream parlor is known for its wide array of flavors. Customers are able to select their treat from over 30 different flavors. Familiarity courses through the menu, with popular flavors such as mint chocolate chip and vanilla never ceasing to be ordered. That being said, Applegate Farm provides some flavors that one would have trouble finding anywhere else, including green tea, maple walnut and cotton candy.

This selection of flavors has made eternally loyal customers out of Montclair residents, one of which is longtime Montclair ice-cream lover Tom Nahey. Nahey has lived in northern New Jersey for over 40 years, and claims that Applegate Farm is by far the superior ice cream parlor. “I haven’t been anywhere else in 20 years,” said Nahey. “That might sound ridiculous, but with an ever changing menu, great customer service and reasonable prices, I can’t bring myself to go anywhere else. Eating ice cream at the farm is an enjoyable experience in itself. It is sunny, social and sweet.”

applegate farm
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

Customers at Applegate Farm are treated to a bubbly, warm atmosphere created by the employees that work there. The staff at Applegate Farm give off the impression that while eating ice cream is great, serving it can be a lot of fun too. This is a welcome attribute to Montclair locals. For all the sugary joy that ice cream provides, heading to an ice cream parlor on a sunny day can at times be stressful and perhaps not worth the time. Applegate Farm combats this fear by making sure each customer is served with enthusiasm and respect. Employee Francesca Pagnotta said, “the interactions with customers make it very worthwhile. Since it’s a family owned business, there are a lot of regulars that come and go out of their way to say hi. It’s a nice experience.”

You can find Applegate Farm on the edge of Montclair, at 616 Grove Street.

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