Art Repairs the Irreparable

Montclair State University Art and Design students painted an eye-opening mural over a site destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Art does make a difference.

Mural in art classroom
© Ken Cole | Dreamstime Stock Photos

A mural in downtown Montclair that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy was not entirely irreparable. Art and Design students from Montclair State University have recently painted a new mural over the original “History of Montclair” themed painted from 2010 in order to bring life back to that site, a life of different sorts that is.

As for the new theme, the students chose to paint one that depicts awareness of abuse against women and children. It is entitled “Painting Adversity.” Although the images themselves are not too graphic, the time, effort and talent the students put into this project, led by Professor Catherine Bebout, show very well that a stop must be put to such abuse.

The left side of the mural (in shadows) depicts how an abused child lives “in the shadows,” meaning it seems as if their cries for help and a loving family initially go unheard or ignored. The middle and right sides, which are slightly more vivid in color, depict how we should all work together to help people with these causes in order to help prevent more abuse cases.

If anyone happens to stumble upon Valley Road in Montclair, particularly and thematically appropriate in an alley way between the Bamboo Asian Bistro and the Montclair Charbroil Diner, it would be a great idea to just stop for a moment and really examine everything about this mural.

For more information, please visit the official Montclair State University website. Figure out how you can participate and help make a difference in the great town of very own Montclair.

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