Aubade Journey at Kasser Theater

'Aubade' by Douglas Dunn at Kasser Theater on the campus of Montclair State University, giving the audience something to remember.

Aubade amazes audiences.

Douglas Dunn’s “Aubade” was a powerful dance/theater narrative that took the audience through the journey that began with birth and ended in death. With a mix of choreography, live music and video production, “Aubade” left the audience with strong emotions that last long after the show is over. It will be spoken about for weeks to come. It will leave a great impression on you.

Dunn’s choreography was flawless throughout “Aubade.” The dancers, himself included,  moved with incredible timing and grace. Through their movement, they were able to help progress the narrative while leaving the audience with room to interpret what was happening on our own.  They left mystery in their tracks in order to reel you in.

Steven Taylor’s live music throughout “Aubade” both brought an added layer of depth. The live music and vocals made the audience feel as though they were seeing the creation of the piece right before our own eyes. A note of interest was when there’s a break in music where there’s silence. The dancers continue to dance, which was very powerful in a way that’s had to describe.

Dance performance
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Charles Atlas’ video direction of “Aubade” was simple yet effective. It didn’t distract the audience away from the piece. There were two effects that really struck the audience. The first was a live feed of the show that from different views that came on at various times. It was as if it was happening from a different angle. That literally giving a different perspective from our own. The second was a count down clock with a minute and a half that played during breaks of “Aubade.” Not only did it give the audience time to take in what happened before, but it represented the transition to a different point of the journey of life. Life is an empowering path for every individual. See what life has in store for you.

Aubade created a powerful narrative. It takes us through the one journey that all of us must partake. The journey that begins with birth and ends with death and everything that happens in between. With its mix of choreography, live music and video, the piece had the ability to build a connection. It invoked strong emotions with in its audience that lingers along after the performance  has ended. For these reasons, you should take the time to see “Aubade.” This performance is incredibly fascinating. It is a must-watch of the year. You will surely regret missing out.

For those interested in learning more about “Aubade” and Douglas Dunn, please visit his website at You won’t regret stepping into Dunn’s realm.  Once you begin the journey, you will not want it to ever end. Dunn never fails to disappoint his audience.  Come out and support Aubade to see for yourself.

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