Babo Teahouse

Babo Teahouse is your perfect spot for a refreshing bubble tea or gelato and so much more! The most popular flavors are Tai Iced Tea, and Vanilla Chai.

Refreshments from Babo Teahouse.

On Walnut Street in Montclair, just a few doors down from the magnificent Mac Attack Gourmet Cheesery, stands a little teahouse that most people only knew of in Jersey City called Babo Teahouse. This pleasant little teahouse is a house that mostly focuses on bubble tea, but has a diverse menu that can suit any hunger needs you may have while satisfying your tapioca craving.

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First things first, what is bubble tea? Bubble tea is a cold Taiwanese beverage invented in the 80’s that can come in a variety of different flavors. That makes it sound a lot like any tea you can get, but what makes bubble tea unique is the content and how it’s made.

It is usually shaken and blended with milk or fruit, and at the bottom of the tea are balls of tapioca. However, the bubbles of tapioca are not what give it the name. The name “bubble tea” actually refers to the bubbles that form at the top when shaken.

So, what is tapioca? Tapioca is simply a starch that is extracted from cassava root which is native to Brazil. It is a starchy, almost pudding-like food and in the bubble tea are little balls of this for you to eat through the straw while enjoying your beverage at the same time. Your first time having bubble tea feels a little weird at first, but after the first few tapioca balls, you get used to it and get hooked.

Babo Teahouse is mostly known for their bubble tea. It is very tasty and the prices are very good for the quality. They have a large wall that has their menu written in chalk over the entire surface area, and on that menu you will find many different and interesting flavor options for your tea. I was very satisfied with the Sunset Blend flavor which consists of mango, strawberry, passion fruit and lemon flavorings. However, if you want other recommendations, there seem to be some flavors that are most popular with the customers. According to the manager at Babo Teahouse, “There are two favorites. The most popular flavors are Tai Iced Tea, and Vanilla Chai.”

Babo Teahouse also have a decently sized food menu. They have exceptionally well made chicken which you can get in the form of tenders, wings, or chicken and waffles. The chicken and waffles is highly recommended because their waffles are deliciously fluffy.

Babo Teahouse has a very small front with little indoor seating and no bathroom. However, they do sell very cute anime toys and other little collectibles by the counter, and they have a phone/tablet charging station which is a very cool and handy accessory. There might be little space, but it is all occupied in an effective way.

Overall, if you are looking for very good quality bubble tea and food for a fair price, Babo Teahouse is the right place. There are many bubble tea places in this area, but it is unlikely that you will find one with better tea than this place. They say that the anticipation is always the best part, and this proves to be true when waiting to get your hands on some Babo bubble tea. So why wait? Give it a shot. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

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