Bathing Suit Tips

Choosing the correct bathing suit isn't always an easy task. With these tips, pick a bathing suit that makes you look great all season!

Find the right bathing suit can be a hassle.

© Michal Nyvlt | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Summer is finally here. Memorial Day weekend definitely wasn’t the best one we’ve had in years, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be expecting some wonderful weather to come. Sunny days are the best to spend at the beach or by the pool side. After these cold days, I hope we are all ready to break free from the many layers of clothing we’ve been forced to stay trapped in and step into our new, cute, tropical and exotic bathing suits to lay by the pool side.

There are various different trends this year in bathing suits, and they are just perfect for all types of bodies. Summer is no season to hide, and knowing the tricks in the many bathing suit styles can help you find the perfect one for you.

Going for an extra cup size at the top with an underwire with extra push-up can distract the eyes from those with a pear shaped bottom. If you love your curves, horizontal striped suits can give you an extra va-va-voom look and fill you out in all the right spots.

Underwire bathing suit tops are very cute and are also great for ladies with bigger tops. There are many underwire tops to choose from at many retail stores. One of them where you can find a wide variety is H&M. You can also try Victoria’s Secret, which always has a sale on bathing suits throughout the season.

String bikinis make your legs look longer, whether you’re naturally tall or short. The semi-high side string can give even the most petite frame legs for miles. One-piece bathing suits also do the trick to look sleek all over.

However, with a one-piece bathing suit, solid colors make your body look slimmer, while prints and patterns add something extra to your figure.

Swim suit skirts are very flirty and playful. These bring out the curves in your body, giving your hips a flattering coverage.

With these tips, I hope you can set out and choose the right bathing suit for you to comfortably enjoy the sunny, radiant summer weather that waits for us. Above all, remember to enjoy the short summer season and the weather that we have long waited for!

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