Bellevue Cinema and the Top Flicks

Bellevue Cinema offers great options for a quick weekend getaway to see the top films out today. Purchase the tickets now before they sell out.

Bellevue Cinema weekend movie showings.

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A trip to the movies is always a good idea. Throw in the popcorn, some candy and a soda – you’ve hit the trifecta! Every now and then it is important to splurge, so don’t be afraid to spoil yourself with treats. It should come as no surprise that moviegoers seek more than the popcorn and a new flick when attending the theater; they seek a getaway. At the end of the day, sometimes all one wants to do is escape reality and travel deep into the world of the unknown, take a walk in another’s shoes or kiss the onscreen heartthrob. The theaters have a phenomenal lineup planned for this coming weekend, so grab your friends or family and pick a blockbuster. Can’t decide? We’ve narrowed in on five must-see films.

  1.  Cinderella (PG)

Featuring the beautiful Cate Blanchett and Lily James, this picture takes the fairytale out of cartoon context and puts a modern spin on the famous princess.


  1. The Divergent Series: Insurgent (PG-13)

Insurgent is showing in both 3D and 2D and stars teen favorites Shailene Woodley and Theo James. This, of course, is a sequel to Divergent and is steaming with suspense as Tris and Four battle the clock, ethics and enemies in futuristic Chicago.


  1. The Lazarus Effect (PG-13)

Perfect for date night, this thriller brings the dead back to life; that’s not to say they come back the same person. Olivia Wilde shows a side we’ve never seen before.


  1. American Sniper (R)

Yes, this movie hit theaters in January, and yes, it is still showing is select areas. Bradley Cooper transforms into U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle to tell the powerful and moving story of an American legend.


  1. Focus (R)

Starring as a student-teacher duo, Will Smith and Margot Robbie are the ultimate partners in crime (and by that I mean con artists) but love pulls the two apart – until crime intersects their paths yet again.


This weekend, the Bellevue Cinema 4 in Montclair will be showing some of these great movies and more! Visit for showtimes or choose the location of your choice. If you’d like not to break the bank, select a Tuesday showing for $6 tickets. Remember, cell phones off in the theater!

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