Betsey Johnson and Her Unusual Style

Betsey Johnson has a daring fashion line that is meant for anyone, if only they are willing to try it.

Betsey Johnson is all about being different.

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Betsey Johnson is a rare fashion designer. She is known for her capricious designs. I have come across various dramatic jewelry pieces, which are sold online,  in her boutique in New York City and in department stores like Macy’s.

Each designer has a story behind their unique signature designs, such as what their particular opinion is in regards to what you should wear and how you should wear it. In all fashion designers’ creations, you will find something that gives their brand its identity and connection to the designer. I would say it’s how they personalize their work.

When I came across Betsey Johnson’s design, I was curious to know why most pieces in her collection are so dramatic and whimsical. In the biography posted in her website, the header states: “New York designer Betsey Johnson has built her long-lasting career in fashion by following her own set of rules.” I found that she also had dreamed about becoming a dancer when she was younger, and that is where she found a love for costumes.

As unique as her line is, Betsey Johnson’s fashion shows are never less than her designs. These presentations are out of the ordinary. During this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show in New York, Johnson organized a work-out session on the runway towards the end of her show, as she introduced her new collection of active wear. Its theme was named “BJkicksA.” At the end of her fashion shows, she also does her infamous cartwheel, which I must say are perfectly done for a woman her age!


Betsey Johnson’s fashion collection is definitely not for everyone, but it sends out an invitation to try it when you study all the details in her designs. I am going to be honest and say that at first I thought her line was meant for the young, with all its colors and dramatic figures. Many of her earrings come with two different designs for each ear, but I better understand the message she sends out in her designs. Aside from making a statement, fashion is also meant to be fun, and it doesn’t matter how much time passes by; there is always time to be a little wild, fun and daring!

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