Beyonce Changes Up Her Look

Beyonce's new look will definitely turn heads.

Beyonce is young, beautiful, and can do it all!

The most talked-about “new look” this last week has been Beyonce’s new, fierce haircut. The 32-year-old female celebrity, Queen Bey, has rocked out long hair and graceful bouncy curls for quite a long period of time. This has caused a lot to talk about amongst the media, beauty bloggers and experts, along with fashion media.

Bey’s new look has been interpreted as a statement, rather than just a new fierce image. One article on the diva’s new image was posted by Hadley Freeman on The Guardian.

Her article, which was very funny, had some great input on Beyonce’s new haircut by her stylist Kim Kimble. Freeman compares Beyonce’s haircut to be similar to those of Anne Hathaway, Kate Moss and Carey Mulligan, who have rocked this pixie look, but just because it’s the Queen Bey, this particular cut is different. She also states that because it’s Beyonce who empowered the pixie cut, it’s probably “the biggest news of all time,” much greater than the end of the first World War.

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With all the feminism going on these days, I have to agree with Freeman on Beyonce’s new image representing the fact that she is “young, beautiful and can do it all!”

Aside from the fact it makes her look incredibly great, and this was a twist totally unexpected. I also agree with Freeman on the idea that a look like this is one is one women in their thirties might concede.

However, some people do not believe that this look is one for a performer. This is quite true. I do believe Bey’s hair was part of her persona in a way, especially in her performances. She flaunted it very well.  Beyonce, however, has previously stated in many interviews that she wanted to be a mother by the age of 30 and, if possible, retire as well – and the diva has just reached her self-proposed deadline.

This might be the reason behind her Mrs. Carter World Tour, which has been sold out in various places as an over-the-top concert experience. This is where I agree with Freeman’s idea on this being the appropriate thirties look for Queen Bey; she came, she saw, she conquered.

When we are in our twenties, we normally stay around the edges of our teenage look. We might try on a new color, layers, a new length, but we wouldn’t take a drastic change from long hair to such a short cut like the pixie look. When we reach our thirties, like the diva, we are likely to feel more in control of ourselves as well as our lives that we might just want to let that be known through a physical change, like a haircut.  That’s exactly what Bey, the most beautiful women in the world (as named by People’s Magazine in 2012), sought out for. After all, it is no lie the Queen Beyonce Carter Knowles has done it all.

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