Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

You can count on the performance of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to reminiscence the original art of music of America back then.

Prepare for a night of jazz and swing by none other than Big Bad Voodoo Daddy! 

big bad voodoo daddy
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has been together for over 23 years, appearing in venues all over the world and selling millions of records that were featured in tons of movies and television shows. They can thank blues legend Albert Collins for their name after an autograph. They continue to bring America’s original musical art form of jazz and music for all to enjoy. If you caught the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show on Feb. 7, Scotty Morris’ suit was on display at the NFL Experience retrospective.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy consists of many talented members, such as Scott Morris as vocals and guitar. Morris has spent close to three decades writing and performing the classic American jazz and swing that makes the band. Kurt Sodergren as drums and percussion has been the co-founder for over 20 years. He was truly a natural fit to the band as his grandfather played in swing and jazz bands throughout his life along with US Army Big Band during World War II. Dirk Shumaker joined the band in 1993, contributing as bass and vocals. Drawing on diverse musical influences, Shumaker adds a unique sound that makes that band even more appealing. He’s actually been considered the fan’s favorite.

Glen “The Kid” Marhevka, trumpet, has been apart of the band for over 20 years as he also uniformed several of the band’s members. Marhevka has always had an eye out for spreading the band by promoting music education and excellence in numerous of schools. Andy Rowley, baritone saxophone and vocals, has been bandmates of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for over 22 years! Rowley is one of the founding members, contributing unique sound that can be recognized around the world. Joshua Levy as piano and arranger, has created the original jazz and swing music that connects with the audience on a large scale. Karl Hunter, saxophone and clarinet, has played an array of both instruments for close to two decades. As a featured soloist, Hunter’s onstage persona surely adds intense power to the band’s already great sound. Anthony Bonesera, Jr., Philadelphia native, has played lead trumpet since 2005. Alex Henderson has been the band’s trombonist since 2001!

“I’ve always wanted to experience this era of music. Jazz and swing in one setting has to be probably one of the rarest elements combined, especially since we no longer hear it as often,” said Andre Thompson, an intrigued prospect.

The Wellmont Theater, located on 5 Seymour Street in Montclair, will be hosting the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s musical event on March 17 at 8 p.m. Purchase tickets soon to secure your spot to this one of a kind performance. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy almost always does a meet and greet after every show. Just be patient and give them a few minutes to come out!

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