Blood Drive Courtesy of St. John’s Church

Do something amazing this holiday season by participating in St. John's blood drive that can save the lives who are in extreme need of it.

If you truly desire to help others, participate in St. John’s blood drive!

blood drive
Photo courtesy of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

This holiday season, why not give the gift of life? St. John’s Episcopal Church is hosting a blood drive on Sun. Dec. 11 from 9 A.M. – 1:30 P.M at 55 Montclair Avenue. They hope for a successful turnout as it would have a long term and profound impact in the lives of those who need it.

St. John’s Episcopal Church is an inclusive and joyful community, that strives to change the world that God would have it. They gladly open their arms to those interested in worship and fellowship. They offer two services each Sunday during the school year, at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. (one service at 9 a.m. during the summer).  Children gather for Church School prior to the main service, then join their families for Holy Communion.

At St. John’s, they are always looking for opportunities to give back, in gratitude for all that God gives us. A blood drive is a great way to give to others!

If you are interested in donating blood, please keep in mind that donors must be at least  17 years or older to donate (16 years old with written consent from parent or legal guardian), weigh a minimum of 110 lbs., in good health in general, and are not taking any antibiotics for infection. High blood pressure and diabetes do not prevent you from donating as long as it is controlled. Some traveling restrictions may apply especially if you have visited a tropical area. Additional information regarding eligibility to donate please call 1-800-933-2566 or visit:

“I’m the organizer of this event and in partnership with The New York Blood Center, help bring awareness to and coordinate participation in the drive. I’ve been a member of St. John’s for almost two years and enjoy it’s inclusiveness and commitment to giving back to those in need through various outreach programs such as Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless (MESH), Seaman’s Church Institute (SCI) and The St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation (SPCDC) Emergency Men’s Shelter.” said Maurice Jackson.

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