Brian Harnett Earns Senior Spotlight

Montclair High School Senior Brian Harnett scores a goal with his senior option at the Montclair Soccer Domain.

Brian Harnett goes from goals to pre-med.

Brian Harnett
Photo courtesy of Eve Mahaney.

Montclair High School Senior Brian Harnett will be completing his senior option internship at the local Montclair Soccer Domain.

As an avid soccer player, Brian Harnett thought it made the most sense to translate his passion for the sport into a job opportunity.

“I’ve practiced at the Soccer Domain my whole life and I just thought it would make sense to see what it was like to work there,” said Brian Harnett.

Although Brian Harnett was on the soccer team all throughout high school, his internship at the job has less to do with playing, and more to do with helping other players and keeping the Soccer Domain organized. Harnett explained his everyday tasks included “devising advertisement strategies, training players, writing match reports and designing flyers.”

Although Brian Harnett’s internship is interesting, that’s not to say there weren’t certain challenges presented to him throughout his time working at the Domain. Harnett explained that, “Before I started, I hated talking on the phone more than anything and I’ve had to answer phones and take messages as part of my internship. I didn’t enjoy it at first but I got used to it.”

Despite the fact that working at the Soccer Domain is an exciting opportunity, sometimes the work can be a little slow. “When I’m in the office, it’s not very exciting,” said Brian Harnett. He also recognized the more exciting parts of the job, as he added, “Helping to train the kids is very enjoyable.”

While Brian Harnett is definitely enjoying his time as an intern at the Soccer Domain, his interests span further than just soccer. Although it was a big part of his life throughout high school, Harnett has other interests that he hopes to pursue. Harnett will head to Wesleyan University this coming fall and intends on studying environmental science or will start as a pre-med student in the hopes of later becoming a professional sports team doctor, or a Doctors Without Borders doctor. Harnett hopes his hard work with the Soccer Domain will pay off and build towards his future career!

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