Caleb Finesurrey Earns Senior Spotlight

Montclair High School senior Caleb Finesurrey uses his senior option experience to build a foundation for teaching, in hopes of pursuing it as a career.

Caleb Finesurrey inspires others.

caleb Finesurrey
Photo courtesy of Eve Mahaney.

Montclair High School Senior Caleb Finesurrey will be completing his senior option internship at Renaissance Middle School. As a previous student and volunteer at the school, Finesurrey is well-acquainted with helping out in a classroom setting with younger kids.

Caleb Finesurrey’s presence in the classroom is definitely a big help to teachers, as his everyday activities consist of assisting children in the class who may need some extra help and running a study hall that’s held during lunch, as well as copying and grading tests for the students.

While many students are unsure of what career path they want to pursue later in life, Caleb Finesurrey has a better idea. “I think I’d like to enter the field of education,” said Finesurrey. “Thus this is a perfect internship for me.”

Although Caleb Finesurrey didn’t really have the opportunity to become involved in any teaching programs at the high school, he did volunteer at Renaissance throughout his time at Montclair High School.

Although Caleb Finesurrey definitely enjoys his internship, that’s not to say it comes without certain challenges that he has to overcome. Finesurrey elaborates on the fact that teaching children can be extremely trying. “Dealing with kids whose will to learn is diminished but that’s part of the struggle: finding the way to get through to each kid,” said Finesurrey.

In addition to spending a lot of time at Renaissance as a volunteer, Caleb Finesurrey also worked at a summer camp that focused heavily on educational activities and academics. His work at Renaissance and his experience working with kids at summer camp has lent him the skills he needs to help teachers in the classroom setting every day.

So far, CalebFinesurrey is really enjoying his internship and hopes to continue to learn about the educational system during college. Finesurrey will head to the University of Maryland in the fall, and although entering as an undeclared major, he hopes to later major in education, in order to one day become a teacher.

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