Camping Trip Tips

Shopping for a summer camping trip isn't always easy, but here are some items you should definitely add to your shopping list.

Find out what are the essentials to camping.

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It’s time to hit the trails in the hottest camping gear of the season!

Whether you’re scaling mountains or toasting marshmallows by the fireside, having the proper clothing is essential for a vacation in the great outdoors.  The problem is that pieces that are both protective and fashion forward can be hard to come by.  That’s why we’ve created a list of the trendiest summer camping clothes for your next outdoor getaway.

  • Brightly colored pullovers. Although the forecast may predict sunshine, you never know when a sudden rain shower could occur.  There’s nothing worse than hiking while soaking wet and uncomfortable.  It’s important to be prepared with a few lightweight pullovers that can be thrown on to keep the rest of your clothes underneath dry.  As a bonus try sporting neon colored outerwear for a fun and energetic look that never looks tired even if you are.
  • Floral backpack. A backpack is an essential for any camping trip.  How else are you going to carry around water, snacks and sunscreen all while exploring the wilderness?  Though, a useful bag doesn’t have to be a boring one.  Backpacks come in all different prints such as floral, polka dots and stripes. Being cute and prepared has never been easier!
  • Aviator sunglasses. Protecting your eyes is just as important as shielding your skin from harsh UV rays.  Stash a couple of pairs of sunglasses in your backpack.  Storing them in a hard shell case is the best way to keep them from being squashed by all of your other gear.  The aviator style is particularly trendy right now because of the wide array of colors that the lenses come in.  From blue to green, even pink, you can find a pair to match almost any outfit.
  • Hiking Boots. This may be one of the most important things to bring on a camping trip.  In regular sneakers, ankles are left unprotected, which is dangerous for hiking.  Without proper support, you could be left with an injury.  Hiking boots provide protection just past the ankle, which is needed when trekking up or down a mountain.
  • Long printed socks. Big boots call for big socks.  When it comes to printed footwear, the sky is the limit.  There are so many fun patterns and style to choose from, so pick something that shows off your personality.

You can find all of these camping essentials and more at Urban Outfitters located at 20 South Park Street in Montclair, so get shopping for your perfect camping attire!

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