Carteret School Celebrates 100 Years

It was a great day for Carteret School on Friday, June 3, as they celebrated 100 years of continuous educational success for its students.

A round of applause to Carteret School in Bloomfield for 100 years of greatness!

Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

The Carteret School, located on 158 Grove St. in Bloomfield, N.J., recently celebrated 100 years! The school’s mission statement is to “continue to encourage academic growth and nurture individual needs in a positive learning environment to provide all with the success-oriented, educational experiences demanded by our changing world.” Mr. John Baltz, Principal, has been able to advocate for the educational rights of the Carteret students, ensuring that these students receive the best services needed to maintain a fine quality of education.

A special thanks to Ms. Wendy Walker, sixth grade mathematics teacher, Mr. Baltz, Principal and Ms. Figueroa, a parent volunteer, who have worked tirelessly for the last several months on planning, organizing and coordinating everyone’s efforts to make sure that it all came together as planned.

Carteret’s 100th birthday celebration was definitely one to remember! Former administrators, teachers and students all pitched in to make the centennial celebration a huge success. Additionally, the student body pitched in. Each grade band, kindergarten though eighth, was responsible for a segment of time which started as far back as 1915 all the way through 2015. After researching their particular period of time, each grade came up with a theme for their tent.

Seven tents were set up to share memories, memorabilia and original artifacts from strollers used in 1915 to a fully loaded 2017 Chevy Sonic. After the students set up their tent-museum, community members, elected officials, parents and students had the opportunity to walk about a living timeline. Students danced and talked about important events, Olympic heroes and technology.  A small buffet was offered for the special guests, press and alumni. There they shared memories about Carteret’s 100 years of greatness!

In the words of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, “There is a great man who makes every man feel small. But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great.” This sentiment extends to Principal Baltz. “It is clear that Mr. Baltz worked endlessly to make all of us at Carteret School successful with his details in planning, collaboration and leadership. The greatness was evident in our 100th year celebration of the school. Mr. Baltz’s unconditional support made our event great!” said Tito Rodriguez, Bilingual Teacher at Carteret School.

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