Converse at Urban Outfitters

Converse are easily one of the most recognizable shoes in the world and they are being seen more and more all over the place, even at Urban Outfitters.

Converse re-defines a classic sneaker.

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I’ve been seeing them a lot more lately then I ever have before. Converse are the type of shoes at least everyone owns a pair of. They are just a basic essential that everyone finds themselves grabbing once in a while. I would always associate Converse as the shoe of choice for a pair of denim cut offs and a band tee. Just throw on your Converse and you are good to go.

Lately, however, the Converse game is being taken to the next level. They are so versatile, and that’s what everyone is finally realizing. This plain black and white sneaker is now being worn with very chic pieces and even high fashion pieces.

I’ll be the first to admit I dusted off my old converse in my closet and have been incorporating them a lot more than I thought I ever would. What made me take this step was a fashion blogger whose style I am obsessed with: Negin Mirsalehi. Her outfits sometimes consist of her favorite Converse.

However, she styles them with such chic pieces and with items you wouldn’t think these plain sneakers would look good with. In one post, she pairs a plaid sweater with leather pants and her black Converse. The plain sneakers just look so right with basically everything and you can never go wrong.

Being so affordable and comfortable, it is definitely a staple piece everyone has to own. Whether being worn the classic way with denim shorts or some straight leg jeans, the sneaker has so many other versatile ways of being styled. Seen recently on Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, she rocks her converse with maxi skirts. Style icon Rihanna wears her Converse religiously, even wearing them to a red carpet event with a high-waisted leather skirt.

You can find Converse almost anywhere you look. One location specifically is at Urban Outfitters here in Montclair. They even give a great selection for different styles, so if you’re looking for high-tops or just the classic low-tops they got you covered. I highly recommend if you don’t already own a pair to get on it, because they are so hot right now and so versatile and comfortable that you will get so much use out of them. If you already own a pair, dust those bad boys off and wear them with outfits you wouldn’t imagine pairing them with and you’d be surprised how great they will look.

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