Addressing Fears with Counseling Loss

Vincent Dopulos of Counseling Loss provides care to those experiencing stress or anxiety in their personal or professional life.

Counseling Loss’ primary focus is on pain, isolation and confusion.

counseling loss
Photo courtesy of Vincent Dopulos, Counseling Loss, LLC.

Vincent Dopulos, founder of Counseling Loss, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Drama Therapists (RDT) of the State of New Jersey. His individual counseling services allow clients to ask questions, address fears and create solutions to overcome certain situations to move forward in a positive direction. He helps clients realize their desires and what they have to offer the rest of the world.

Counseling Loss derives from what happens when what is most dear to us is taken away. Dopulos works with people at the end of their lives and with the people who love them. He acknowledges that dying is one of our most important events. Medical treatments for people who are nearing death are constantly changing; the hospice movement has blossomed, as it is now available in prisons, low income persons and to people all over the country.

These changes allowed possible work for Counseling Loss. “People come to me to experience relief from the damage, terror or inability to cope that loss can bring,” said Dopulos. Hospice is designed to provide a caring environment that accommodates to the physical and emotional needs when an individual is terminally ill not only to the patient, but also to family and friends. At one point in time, dying people were left to rot in their rooms or at the end of hospital wards with minimal supervision.

Dopulos came across his passion to aide others during an incomprehensible experience when his grandmother died. His original career included acting and directing in theatre. “I was stunned and disoriented by her death. I had never experienced grief of this kind,” said Dopulos.

After 10 years of work in theatre, he noticed that his grandmother’s death still haunted him. He tapped into his grandmother’s characteristics of kindness and generosity that molded him and sure enough, Dopulos found himself on his way to the Drama Therapy Program at New York University. With the college’s training, he worked in hospices, hospitals, psychiatric units, bereavement groups and with individuals in private practice.

Dopulos has been a resident of Montclair for 25 years, in which he has practiced for 20 of these. “I am grateful to the town that has educated my children and provided my family with all that we value as a thriving community,” said Dopulos. Counseling Loss is located at 105 Grove Street, Suite 12 in Montclair. For more information, visit, email Vincent Dopulos at or call 201-306-6701.

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