Cupcakes by Carousel: Scrumptious Treats

Red velvet, blue velvet and memphis drizzle make Cupcakes by Carousel a winner. Come try it out for yourself at 25 Church St. Montclair!

Dessert with Cupcakes by Carousel.

Dessert is one of life’s greatest gifts. Lucky for Montclair locals, the most perfect scrumptious treat can be found at Cupcakes by Carousel at 25 Church Street. With four locations in the New York and New Jersey, this shop continues to expand thanks to its stunning designs and out-of this world flavors. The best part is that cupcakes are only some of what they offer.

cupcakes by carousel
Photo courtesy of Cupcakes by Carousel.

With a Memphis Drizzle cake that Oprah described as “stupid good,” Cupcakes by Carousel has won the hearts of hundreds with their special confections. For those who don’t know, the Memphis Drizzle Cake is a vanilla cake filled with banana custard and topped with peanut butter buttercream, a layer of chocolate ganache and a peanut butter sauce drizzle. It’s no wonder Oprah couldn’t help herself. She isn’t the only one. Barbara Walters is also a fan and has gushed about Cupcake’s treats on The View. The shop has been featured in Time Out, InStyle and New York Magazine and has also won Best Cupcakes in Bergen County, twice.

Based out of Nanuet, N.Y., Cupcakes by Carousel began as a family business designed to be enjoyed by all ages. Now in Montclair, the shop receives deliveries from Nanuet every morning and offers indulgences for hungry passersby and formal occasions alike. Capable of almost anything cake-related, the storefront a go-to source for kids’ birthdays, weddings and custom orders.

Managed by Bloomfield native Demi Breban, Cupcakes Montclair is a bright and inviting place to be. After studying baking and pastry at the Art Institute of Phoenix, Breban decided to bring her love for dessert back to her home town. Now, she assists visitors in finding the perfect treats for their big day or casual get-together.

“I love Montclair. It has the best parts of the city in a suburban environment,” said Breban. “The people who come to visit us can expect a very family-oriented environment. It’s very fun and welcoming. We’ve served all kinds of families, including from outside the country. So visitors can expect hospitality, and good cake of course.”

Cupcakes by Carousel offers mouth-watering selections year-round. Amongst their most popular choices are the red velvet, blue velvet and the crazy crowd-pleaser, Memphis Drizzle. The Memphis Drizzle flavor also goes by “The Elvis” and “The Curious George.” No need for confusion, any visitor interested in this tempting treat can simply call it the Memphis. The store also offers raspberry and lemon squares for those interested in trying something a little different but just as sweet.

“My personal favorite would have to be between the s’mores cupcake and the cookie dough cupcake,” said Breban. The s’mores cupcake is a vanilla cake filled with fluff buttercream, topped with chocolate ganache, marshmallow fluff, graham crackers and chocolate sauce. The cookie dough cupcake is a vanilla cake, topped with a scoop of cookie dough (raw and eggless), large chunks of homemade blondies, and finished off with a chocolate drizzle. It’s enough to make anyone drool.

cupcakes by carousel
Photo courtesy of Cupcakes by Carousel.

Vegan and gluten-free options are available in every Cupcakes by Carousel. Signature cupcakes are always in the store whereas seasonal specials come and go. Once the summer comes to a close, the shop will offer fall specialties like apple pies and pumpkin cheesecakes. There are also holiday desserts for Hanukkah and Passover as almost the entire store is kosher.

Other fun treats for both little ones and adults include icing shots and up-cakes. An icing shot can be any of five different kinds of icing in a small shot-sized cup topped with sprinkles. It’s a perfect little sugar boost for any sweet-tooth. An up-cake is much like a push-pop where, instead of ice cream, cake and icing are placed in a portable tube for easy snacking. Both icing shots and up-cakes are popular as party favors.

If you’re interested in trying Cupcakes by Carousel, visit them at 25 Church Street in Montclair or at Other store locations include Ridgewood, Englewood and Nanuet.

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