Dance Collage 2016 Review

The Dance Collage 2016 really impressed audiences in this year’s annual production at Montclair State University.

The stage came to life at Dance Collage 2016.

dance collage
Photo courtesy of Peak Performances.

This past weekend, Peak Performances brought yet another breathtaking dance show to the Alexander Kasser Theater at Montclair State University. The show was put together by the university’s Department of Theater and Dance, along with assistant program coordinator Maxine Steinman and choreographer Kathleen Kelly, where they brought their annual Dance Collage to life on the stage of this on campus venue.

Steinman is both a teacher and performer of dance in the MSU Dance Division and has been presenting her work in various parts of the world for the past 20 years. Kelly, on the other hand, is a professor of dance at MSU and choreographer of this wonderful performance. Both of these women have worked extensively on Dance Collage 2016 in hopes to produce a successful end-of-the-season dance spectacular for the community – which they absolutely accomplished.

The show opened with a dance number called ”Lala Salama” and continued with others including  “And Everything Was Copacetic,” Just Above The Horizion,” “Shatter the Frame” and “Un Amour Perdu,” just to name a few. Each day the show blew audiences away with a collection of solo performances in addition to well put-together group dance compositions.

The dancers ranged from juniors and seniors enrolled in the dance major at MSU to graduated and professionally trained artistic performers and directors. Some even presented their own unique choreographies in the dance collage such as Jennifer Campbell, Elijah Carter, Audra Hofacker, Alexa Lucchese, Emma Pressman and many more.

“The talent that comes out of this dance department at Montclair is absolutely unbelievable,” said audience member Krista Gonzales, a performer herself. “I know the feeling of being up on stage and giving it my all. I can feel the passion that these students have for this art and I can honestly say that the work that they put into this production truly paid off.”

Although these students aim to recreate the Dance Collage annually and strive for a bigger and better production, it’s safe to say that they are sure to impress audiences no matter what with fresh, new dance numbers each and every year. These young dance majors never cease to amaze the crowd with their innovative and distinctive personal choreographic debuts.

To learn more about the Montclair State University Department of Theater and Dance or Dance Collage 2016 along with other amazing local performances, check out or visit Remember, tickets are 100 percent free for MSU students when you present your ID!

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