Dark Star Orchestra

The Wellmont welcomed the Dark Star Orchestra on Thursday, May 15 for the first date of Dark Star Orchestra's 2014 East Coast Spring Tour.

Wellmont crowd rocks for Dark Star Orchestra.

The show was an absolute success. Dark Star Orchestra shined and stood true to bringing the Dead to life at the Wellmont.

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The band kicked off the first half with “Here Comes Sunshine.” This lighthearted melody offered a modest beginning, easing the crowd in and welcoming them to the Wellmont Theater. After the sunshine feeling had been set, the next song gave the audience a bit more of a progressive-aggressive mood with “Hell in a Bucket.” They then followed with the jams “Loser” and “It’s All Over Now.”

The Dark Star Orchestra audience increased in numbers as the stragglers snailed their way in. Chemistry amongst the performers developed and expanded as they played. This transcendence  into the audience and like centripetal force or a chain reaction chemistry throughout the crowd heightened and became more playful.

After “So Many Roads” and “Let It Grow” a break was taken. The Wellmont smoking area was filled to maximum capacity. Inside, bar lines grew and bartenders were quick to fill the order. T-shirts were being sold at the booth and right across the way was author Peter Townshend, signing and selling his book Who I Am. He was part of the inner circle of artists in the 1960’s through the 70’s. He was available to talk to and willing to share stories.

At this point in the show, all members throughout the Wellmont, including the audience, staff and performers, were warmed. Vibes cascaded correctly. On the other hand, it was halfway through the show and was only coming closer to the end. “Help On The Way” commenced the next set.

The true highlight of the second half was Dark Star Orchestra’s rendition of “Dear Prudence.” This remix blended the Grateful Dead and the Beatles in literal harmony. The group took the Beatles’ “Dear Prudence” and played in a style like the Grateful Dead.

One by one Dark Star Orchestra left the Wellmont stage until only one remained, with Rob Koritz on drums. He ripped apart the stage with a 15 minute drum solo. Everybody was heated up and the music turned into the air that you breathed. It was like the music encapsulated you. Slowly each member returned and set the stage for the climax. They played and played until the audience began to dwindle into the darkness.

Continue to rock on at the next Wellmont show: the First Annual Bell Bottom Ball. The show is on May 31, and tickets are on sale now starting at $62.50.

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