Dennis DeYoung Review

Dennis DeYoung thrilled the audience with songs from the Styx as he took the stage at Wellmont Theater.

Dennis DeYoung took the audience back to the 70s.

dennis deyoung
Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch

Dennis DeYoung, former member of the Styx, gave an amazing performance at the Wellmont Theater, sounding better than ever. Now 68, DeYoung made the crowd roar in excitement as he started the performance with “Grand Illusion.” Performing hit after hit, you could see the excitement in the Styx fans, as a few of them came in with Styx T-shirts and sang along with him.

His guitarists, August Zadra and Jimmy Leahay, never failed to keep the stage entertaining, jumping on and off the platform, tossing guitar picks at fans and rocking on stage with their swaying guitar moves and long hair. DeYoung himself was on his toes at all times whether it was interacting with his guitar players, playing the keyboard, dancing around the stage, waving and posing for fans taking pictures or even taking his wife out to dance.

“We have been to eight of his concerts, and his best performances are always ‘Sail Away,’ ‘Mr. Roboto’ and ‘Babe,’” said one fan as he and his wife laughed in excitement. As the keyboard player began to play the intro to “Mr. Roboto,” the crowd went wild. A couple fans even stood up to dance along. When it came to the chorus, everyone sang along while clapping. You could feel the floor shake as the speakers let out the overpowering sound of the electric guitar and the drums.

At one point, DeYoung began to reminisce back to his Styx days while interacting with the audience and giving them the inside scoop into the background of some of his best work. DeYoung was also very humorous and engaging when asking the audience if anyone was watching him live for the first time. After a couple of people cheered in excitement and enthusiasm, he responded by saying, “Where have you been? I am 68 now!”

DeYoung also played a couple of his own songs, and pointed to his wife while singing “Babe,” a song he wrote for her. At one point they give each other a kiss and the crowd whistled as they danced.

DeYoung and his band gave an outstanding performance and will keep touring. For more information on when and where their concerts will be taking place, please visit his website It is a once in lifetime experience, and will not disappoint.

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