Designer Appliances Links Up with UMBA

UMBA helps members network through events held once a month in various locations across town including Designer Appliances and Montclair Culinary Academy.

Designer Appliances and Montclair Culinary Academy teamed up to host UMBA event.

Designer Appliances
Photo courtesy of UMBA.

Once a month, UMBA gives its members the opportunity to host a networking event. Members without a storefront can co-host with members who have a physical space. The networking events allow retailers to see other spaces in the community and highlight their own attributes through hosting. On Wednesday, March 22, Designer Appliances hosted a successful UMBA networking event co-hosted by the Montclair Culinary Academy.

Fifteen people gathered at Designer Appliances. Representatives from Susanne N, Coco: An Experience Inc, Sweet Home Montclair, Sweat and Strut, Java Love and Identity in Design gathered at 208 Bloomfield Ave. to support the UMBA event. Jodi Dawson, president of UMBA, spoke about upcoming events (don’t forget to sign up for Ladies Night in May) and lead a discussion in what Upper Montclair businesses could do help each other. Members socialized, snacked and brainstormed promotions for the future.

“It’s a great opportunity for businesses, to find out what others are doing and how UMBA businesses can support each other,” said Susan Fine, sales associate for Designer Appliances.

Designer Appliances discussed the products they offer throughout the evening. Their Montclair showroom has mostly high-end appliances, but Designer Appliances offers several brands and caters to every price point. The UMBA event gave other businesses the opportunity to view the Designer Appliances showroom, and allowed Designer Appliances to explain how they accommodate all clients.

Montclair Culinary Association Executive Chef and Founder Karan Fischer made risotto cakes, flatbread pizza and other tasty treats for the event. Montclair Culinary hosts cooking classes on Friday evening for adults and Saturday morning for kids ages 8-17 at Designer Appliances. Fischer has coached a number of junior chefs to competition on Chopped Jr., all of whom finished in the top two. Fischer recently joined UMBA.

“This was my first meeting, and the business owners were gracious and welcoming,” said Fischer.

Fischer brought the ingredients for her appetizers to Designer Appliances, and cooked everything on site. Montclair Culinary Academy and Designer Appliances will connect again for Ladies Night. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to network and meet new friends within the community.

“It’s all about how we can help and support each other. We think forward to events and plan and connect,” said Fine.

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