‘Dirty Grandpa’ Review

‘Dirty Grandpa’ features Zac Efron and Robert DeNiro for a raunchy road trip with ounces of profanity.

‘Dirty Grandpa’ features a great set of one-liners.

Where does one draw the line between a clever joke and a dirty comment? Essentially, that’s the ongoing debate for the likes of this January’s sleeper comedy hit, Dirty Grandpa. In full disclosure, it deserves this title for the simple reality of seldom few comedies to be released in the past few weeks. Other than that, and the occasional chuckle of a uniquely random one-liner, this archetypical road trip film should just go around the corner and park where it started, sparing us from 102 minutes of beloved stars playing off of uncomfortably sexual wordplay.

Me and grandpa
© Gunold Brunbauer | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Who are these beloved stars, you might ask? Well, be it that they are rightfully the main factors holding this trip together; let it be known that Dirty Grandpa builds off of the chemistry of dynamic duo Zac Efron and Robert DeNiro. Efron plays Jason Kelly, an up-and-coming lawyer with a lavish lifestyle and an overbearing fiancé to be wed in less than a week. DeNiro, on the other hand, embodies Richard “Dick” Kelley, the army-vet grandfather to Jason who just so happens to lose his wife to cancer right before his grandson’s big day. Hence, in a last outing before Jason becomes a husband and Dick settles down to the constraints of his actual age, the two take a pink Mini Cooper from Atlanta to Boca. However, crossing one state border becomes a turn for the worst, as Dick lets loose just a bit too much for the likes of Jason.

Efron and DeNiro bring some dynamic edge to such flat and easily-recognizable characters as Jason and Dick. Additionally, Aubrey Plaza, who is known for his role on TV’s popular comedy series Parks and Recreation, brings her dry humor into the young and trampy persona of Lenore, who wants nothing more than to sleep with DeNiro’s character on a pit-stop in Daytona Beach. These three truly live in their roles and give the film the bit of humor that can draw you in again and again.

Dirty Grandpa definitely exceeded my expectations to the point where I think that I would go see it again,” said local film-buff/Nutley native Jenna Stuiso. “Despite its flaws, I found myself belly-laughing at specific parts of this movie.”

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