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Montclair entrepreneur, Nancy Silver, discusses taking the leap from her corporate career to owning her own business with Empyrean Massage & Bodywork.

From traditional massage to Reiki, there is something for everyone at Empyrean Massage & Bodywork.

Empyrean Massage
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bladel, Village Studio.

Are you stressed about the upcoming election? Or maybe it’s something a little less national that has you frazzled. No matter, Nancy Silver has some suggestions to relieve the tension and muscle aches that too often come with our super-fast-paced world.

Silver is the owner of Empyrean Massage & Bodywork on Park Street. She is also new to being an entrepreneur, having worked in the health insurance industry for 20 years. “Massage therapy was a mid-life career change for me,” said Silver. “While I am very grateful for my experience in the corporate environment, it was no longer fulfilling for me. I wanted to do something meaningful where I could help people feel their best.”

Having been a yoga instructor, she said she was always drawn to the therapeutic aspects of yoga, which led to an interest in massage and bodywork.  “I enrolled in massage school in 2010 while still working at my insurance job, and when I graduated in 2011, I left the corporate world and became a full time massage therapist,” said Silver. She worked in spas and chiropractic offices for a time before opening Empyrean Massage & Bodywork in 2013. She moved to her current space in 2014.  

Massage, by definition, is the manipulation of muscle tissue to relieve tension and pain and provide therapeutic results.  Bodywork refers to modalities other than massage, such as Reiki, reflexology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage or MLD. Silver explained, “MLD is excellent for clients with lymphedema (chronic swelling of one or more limbs), autoimmune disorders, chronic headaches, allergies and for pre- and post-surgical care.  Foot reflexology, in addition to being very effective for foot pain, actually works the whole body.  Reiki is energy work and is safe for everyone.  It is particularly helpful for those dealing with stress, exhaustion or times of transition in their lives.”

“For people getting their first massage or those who may be hesitant, I can assure them that their comfort is of the utmost importance during their session,” said Silver. “Clients are professionally draped at all times and encouraged to please tell me if they are uncomfortable in any way, whether it’s the amount of pressure, room temperature, positioning on the table, even the music selection or volume.  All of these things can affect one’s ability to relax and be able to receive the most benefit out of his/her session.  The more you are able to trust in your massage therapist, the better experience you will have.”

It’s also true that we are heading into winter, which for some is sinus season. I was interested to learn from Empyrean Massage & Bodywork’s website that this common condition can also be treated in this way.

“MLD increases the flow of lymph fluid, boosting your immune system and ridding the body of cellular waste products.  If you have chronic sinusitis, regular MLD can reduce swelling and help stop a sinus infection before it starts,” said Silver. “If you have any active infection, you should not receive MLD or any type of massage.  When your immune system is compromised, massage may over stimulate it and make you feel worse.”

Silver is very enthusiastic about the reception Empyrean Massage & Bodywork has received from the Montclair community. “I love the uniqueness of Montclair,”  said Silver. “It really is like a small city within a suburb!  When I had first opened I spent a lot of time walking around to all the local businesses and introducing myself.  I received a lot of kind words of support, and picked up some clients along the way.  There is a real sense of community here among both the business owners and the residents.  I don’t live in Montclair, so the Montclair Watercooler Connections page on Facebook has been a great help in learning more about this wonderful community.”

One of the most difficult parts of the process for Silver has been learning how to market herself and her business. It has been a learn-as-you-go experience. “Sometimes I miss the security of a nice steady paycheck, but in the end I wouldn’t give up the freedom and happiness that I have found working for myself with Empyrean Massage & Bodywork.”

When asked if she has any advice for other would be entrepreneurs, Sliver said, “It’s never too late in life to pursue your passion.  Take things slowly and gradually, knowing that every step is a learning experience.  When you think you have mastered your craft, know that there’s always something new that you haven’t seen or experienced before.  Never stop learning!”

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