Eve Mahaney Earns Senior Spotlight

Montclair High School senior Eve Mahaney uses her love of photography to capture other students participating in senior option as her own assignment.

Eve Mahaney captures memories of students.

eve mahaney
Photo courtesy of Eve Mahaney.

Eve Mahaney will be completing her senior internship at Studio042, working as a photographer for Scott Kennedy’s local publication, The Montclair Dispatch.

Eve Mahaney spends most of the time working on taking pictures of other students that are participating in the senior option internship program. Mahaney was able to acquire this internship through Kennedy, as he took pictures of her lacrosse team throughout her high school seasons. “Mr. Kennedy takes great action shots for my lacrosse team so I was really interested in working with and learning from him,” said Mahaney.

Because Eve Mahaney has such a strong interest in photography, this is the perfect internship for her. Throughout high school, Mahaney also had many opportunities to practice and show off her photography skills, as she served as the photographer for the Montclair High School football team.

While Eve Mahaney is definitely enjoying her internship, her line of work still comes with challenges. Because there are so many students participating in the senior option program, and they are all working on completely separate internships, Eve explained that, “It’s challenging to get to all the different places that students are interning at.” Spread all around town, there’s a lot of coordinating that goes into being a photographer for a publication such as Kennedy’s.

Although photography can be a challenging art form to work with, Eve Mahaney has done a great job of teaching herself the ropes. “I don’t have any specialized training; I taught myself,” said Mahaney.

While many students are involved in more random internships around town, Eve Mahaney chose one specifically related to what she wants to pursue as a career. Staying involved in photography throughout all of her years at Montclair High School has definitely cemented Mahaney’s interest in the line of work. Next year, Mahaney will be attending Ithaca College with plans on studying cinema and photography. Eve Mahaney expressed that her ideal future job is to be a professional photographer.

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