Fab Faux Review

While many rock bands aspire to be just like the Beatles, the Fab Faux truly embody the Beatles at their performance at the Wellmont.

The Fab Faux left the crowd wanting more.

fab faux
Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

The Fab Faux performed a phenomenal show here in Montclair at the Wellmont Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 27. The one-night event featured the Fab Faux playing The White Album in its entirety. Everything about the evening of music, from the venue to the sound, was pleasing. The theater itself opened in 1922 and to this day it remains a beautiful concert hall. In terms of the music, the Beatles tribute band maintained a sound so identical to the pop icons; it was as if they were actually them.

“We’re gonna have some fun with The White Album tonight,” said lead singer and guitarist, Will Lee, at the start of the show.

Fun is exactly what the night entailed! The members of the Fab Faux showed their passion for music and for the Beatles as they performed each song. Throughout the concert, the audience clapped and sang along to well-known, favorite songs. The group also gave the slow dancing couples a shot out during one of the songs. Not only did the audience have fun, but it was also evident that the Fab Faux truly enjoyed themselves on that stage.

The concert began with the first side of The White Album and followed each track in order. Some songs were performed as solos, while others utilized all members of the band. There were countless guitar changes to support the different sounds needed for each song. After a brief intermission, where audience members could purchase snacks and drinks from the Wellmont’s cash bar, the second side of the album was performed. What stood out the most was experiencing the song, “Revolution 9” live. The Fab Faux truly mastered this, each reading from a script that queued them on when certain computer generated sounds and instruments needed to be played, as well as when vocals were necessary. It was a performance unlike any other!

“We love the Wellmont Theatre and we love Montclair,” said Lee. “It’s a home away from home.”

Not only does the Fab Faux consider the stage their home, they also consider each member of the band and the production team their family. During the concert, they announced some unfortunate news about one of their crewmembers, Ace DiBella. The Fab Faux is holding a benefit concert to raise money for DiBella’s new kidney later this month. This event will take place on March 13 at The Cutting Room in New York City. It will begin at 6 p.m. and any age group is welcome. There will be live music and food; for more information on how to purchase tickets, visit thefabfaux.com.

Visit thewellmonttheater.com for information on upcoming concerts and events.

To view more photos of the concert by Scott Kennedy, please click here

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