Father’s Day Should Be Fun for All

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 21. Make his day extra special with these nine fun tips whether he's active or lazy as long as you're bonding.

Nine Ways To Ensure a Happy Father’s Day!

Father and son portrait smiling
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It seems Father’s Day sneaks up on us quite quickly at this time each year. With yourself or your children wrapping up the school year or keeping busy at a summer job, it is easy to forget to plan ahead for Dad’s big day. We’ve settled on nine quick activities and thoughtful notions that say “I love you” on a moments notice, because celebrating shouldn’t cause headaches (or dent your wallet).

1. Make Dad breakfast

You can’t go wrong with warm, fluffy, pancakes and syrup in the mornings–especially on a holiday. Serve bacon and his favorite eggs on the side and you’re day is sure to be smooth sailing from there.

2. Go golfing

If you’re a daughter or son that grew up watching Dad play golf on the weekends, a day spent on the course is a day of his dreams. Sometimes, his golf skills far exceed those of his children, though, so perhaps an afternoon of mini golfing is ideal for the whole family.

3. Gift him full control of the remote for the day

Because what dad doesn’t want to sit on the couch all day and watch reruns of Seinfeld or the sports channel with a bag of potato chips?

4. Write a greeting card

It’s almost always easier to let someone know your true feelings in written form instead of talking face-to-face. Pen a thoughtful card filled with love and joy that reads what you may struggle to verbalize.

5. Buy him his favorite beer

Only if you are of age, of course! Some popular choices include Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Corona, Heineken, and Yuengling. Liquor stores in Montclair and neighboring towns usually close between 9-10 p.m. but be sure to call your store of choice for full information.

6. Mow the lawn

It is a chore that is enjoyed by very few. If mowing the lawn is already expected of you, do it without being reminded. If it is usually Dad’s duty, surprise him with a fresh cut on his special day. (Bonus: It is a gift free of charge.)

7. Let him tell you all about his glory days (if he’s into that sort of thing)

Surely by now you’ve learned that adults love telling stories about yester-year, especially when seeing their kids living carefree at college. You know the story by heart, but who cares? Today, let him relish in the good times.

8. Have a catch, take a bike ride, go long­–whatever activity he favors

Just like when you were a kid. The weather is expected to be warm and sunny; start up a friendly competition with your old man.

9. Serve cake 

Father’s Day is just as important as a birthday and certainly deserving of a moist, frosted, cake (hold the candles). Since the holiday falls in June and, this year, on the first day of summer, serve with a scoop of ice cream or try out an ice cream cake to cool down in the heat.

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