FP Me Shows Off Your Style

If fashion is your forte, FP Me allows you to not only show off your style, but enables people to vote on your fashion choices in a fun online setting.

FP Me allows you to show off your fashion.

When you think of young, bright and effortless fashion there is no other brand that does it better then Free People. This lifestyle brand is the epitome of bohemian-chic fashion. Free People features the latest trends and vintage collections, from their delicate intimates to their carefully handmade knit sweaters. The earthy, spirited and feminine clothing is just one of those brands you cannot help but fall in love with.

FP Me, which was launched one year ago on Monday, is an online community where customers can upload photos of themselves showing off their creations in their Free People outfits. FP Me allows fans to share their personal styled photos, create product collections, “heart” products, collections and photos all while interacting with fashion lovers all over the world.

Fashion clothing on hangers
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FP Me is celebrating its one-year anniversary by dedicating an entire category of clothing on the online Free People store to its customers and their artsy photos called FP Me Takeover. So for two-weeks, you can browse through all the products on their site, but instead of seeing Karlie Kloss, Freja Beha and Sasha Pivovarova, famous faces of the Free People brand, you will see customers just like you.

The purpose of this takeover is to honor all the stylish fashion fanatics and their love for the brand because they are the true and authentic customers who are buying these clothes. You can shop directly from a curated section of the most popular FP Me images that have received the most “hearts” from the community.

By swapping out the top models, FP Me girls are getting the opportunity to be models to other girls shopping the site. This way customers can see what the product looks like on an actual shopper who has styled it in her own way instead of being shot on a model’s body.

A smart marketing strategy, Free People has set a trend for other brands to try such as New Balance and Gap, but no one will be able to compete with the Free People fashion-lovers community.

You can view and shop the FP Me Takeover at freepeople.com/shopfpme and see girls just like you show off their style.


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