Gabe Weisbuch Earns Senior Spotlight

Gabe Weisbuch is set to continue his studies in environmental science at Middlebury College, keeping his passion for the environment alive.

Photo courtesy of Eve Mahaney.
Photo courtesy of Eve Mahaney.

Gabe Weisbuch dedicates time to the environment.

Montclair High School senior Gabe Weisbuch has chosen a very hands-on and interactive internship for his senior option. Weisbuch will be completing his internship at the local Mountainside Hospital. Along with several other students from Montclair High School, Weisbuch will be spending the time during his senior option working with hospital supervisors, doctors and patients in a real hospital setting.

Focusing on keeping the hospital environmentally-friendly, Gabe Weisbuch works with experienced doctors and associates to keep the hospital setting green and cleanly. “Each day, I do hospital rounds with one of my supervisors,” said Weisbuch. “We check the recently installed recycling and bio-hazard waste bins for staff and patient compliance with the new program. After that, I file and organize papers related to the program.”

Because Gabe Weisburch is so interested in environmental science, his internship at the hospital under the environmental services department is the perfect senior option opportunity for him. Gabe Weisbuch noted that, “The internship is with the environmental services department, which closely relates to environmental science, a field that I may chose as a major.”

Although there weren’t many environmental science clubs for Gabe Weisbuch to get involved in at Montclair High School, Weisbuch took a semester off from Montclair High School to attend a semester school called the Mountain School. The Mountain School focused heavily on environmental science and the outdoors. “ When I went to the Mountain School, a semester school in Vermont, students and faculty worked together to make the school’s campus as environmentally friendly as possible,” said Weisbuch.

Proving to be an enriching and instructive experience for Gabe Weisbuch, his time at the Mountain School definitely nurtured his love of the outdoors and his interest in environmental science, as well as lending him the necessary knowledge and skills of these topics to complete his senior option internship at the hospital.

Although Gabe Weisbuch’s internship can prove to be exciting and informative, it still comes with its challenges.  “The greatest challenge associated with my internship so far has been to develop relationships with the people I work with, all of whom are much older than me,” said Weisbuch. “My internship isn’t as easy as it could be. However, my work is engaging and informative.”

Next year, Gabe Weisbuch will be attending Middlebury College, located in Vermont, in the hopes of studying creative writing, photography and environmental science.

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