Gelatos at Yalo & Me

As the sun finally illuminates our skies, gelatos from Yalo & Me will rejuvenate you and intensify your appetite with their spectacular menu.

Yalo & Me is home to delectable gelatos to savor!

Mango and Strawberry Gelatos. Photo courtesy of Erica Manansala.

Yalo & Me is a charming bistro with indoor and outdoor seating available. They offer brunch, coffee, crepes, and gelatos. For a descriptive menu, please visit their website at It’s located on 49 Church Street and if you have inquiries, please call 973-744-4296.

Although the venue is petite, that doesn’t stop people from going. As I walked up to Yalo & Me, I noticed a flock of individuals gathered outside. It was inevitable to me that it was going to be awesome. I couldn’t wait to open the door and have my tastebuds in complete awe.

Glancing into the wide range flavors of Yalo & Me, I couldn’t help but notice that nearly all the trays were scraped spotless. I instantly knew that their succulent flavors will have one longing to try them all. The attentive employee could tell this was our first time and informed us that we could have a sample of any flavor that captured our eye. My friend and I tried two flavors, strawberry and mango. Sure enough, it more than satisfied our sweet tooth! You can have your gelatos in either a cup or cone, in which we chose cups.

Unfortunately, my friend and I decided to venture off to Yalo & Me moments before closing so all we could order was gelatos. Now, knowing that their gelatos were appetizing, I could only imagine what their other dishes could taste like. The one thing I have my eye on next is the affogato, an espresso with gelato!

The best part of my experience was the fact that Yalo & Me possess a loyalty card for gelatos and coffee. In no time, I’m sure I will round up more punches rapidly as it is my number one go to for dessert!

Yalo & Me’s Loyalty Card. Photo courtesy of Erica Manansala.

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