George Marable to Be Honored by NCNW

George Marable, owner of the DLV Lounge on Bloomfield Avenue, to be honored by the National Council of Negro Women Montclair Chapter.

George Marable, owner of DLV Lounge, receives recognition.

george marableGeorge Marable will be receiving the Montclair’s Chapter Business Award on March 28, 2015 at their annual luncheon. George Marable is the owner of the much talked about DLV Lounge, a venue that has become known for hosting live music. The DLV Lounge is no longer just a neighborhood bar, but a destination for some of the best local and regional jazz, blues, rock and alternative music around.

Just who is George Marable?  He has been in the business for over 42 years at that location since 1972. He grew up in Newark, N.J. and graduated from Southside High School, where he participated in athletics. George Marable also earned a B.A. in Sociology and German from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and an MSW from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.

Upon receiving his undergrad degree, he enlisted in the army for two years, and after he went to work for the Essex County Department of Welfare, later becoming the supervisor of Social Workers. During this, George Marable also maintained several businesses, one of which was the only liquor store with an African American owner in Bloomfield, N.J.

Over the years, I always thought that the DLV Lounge stood for the Delaware Lackawanna Valley Railroad, and I wasn’t even close! They actually stand for his father, mother and daughter: Dutch, Louise and Valerie, respectively. The DLV Lounge just happens to be the only African American owned bar in Montclair. At one time there were three that were African American owned, the Sterington House and the Willow.

His daughter, Valerie “Sweets” Marable is also in the entertainment business, having worked for Sony, Atlantic and MCA records at one time. She now heads her own company, SNAPS: Sweets Network and Promotional Services and is based out of New York City.

George Marable is not stuck in the past continuously searches for ways to bring various genres of music to the public through his venue. Although his favorites are jazz and folk music, he is open to the exploration of all the arts.

The Montclair Chapter of the National Council of Negro Women is part of the larger national organization that is presenting Marable his award. The National Council of Negro Women was formed by the late Mary McCloud Bethune in 1953. There are 250 community based sections  of which Montclair is one.

“The National Council of Negro Women sponsors educational, economic, social, cultural and scientific self-help projects nationally and in specific communities around the nation. Through its projects, the NCNW strives to achieve equality of opportunity and eliminate prejudice and discrimination based upon race, creed, color, sex or national origin,” according to the organization.

I also had the opportunity to interview George Marable about him and his business.

Over the years, the DLV’s clientele has changed, what do you think is the reason?

Economics, Population Shift in conjunction with the economy.

For the last three years the DLV has featured a Tuesday and Thursday night Jazz Jam/Open Mic, are you hoping that it will continue to grow in popularity?

Yes! It should with more promotion as more people become aware of what the DLV has to offer.

The DLV may be the only bar in Montclair that is currently displaying art works on the walls. Is the art on display for sale?

Yes! [The artist] is Keisha Singleton and she works here. Looking to the future, we are looking to do art openings and working with getting the Head Start Program involved.

How long have you been presenting music at the DLV?

Over 25 years.

What is your preference in music?

Jazz and Folk Music.

Do you see Montclair as major entertainment center in New Jersey, as far as all of the arts?

Montclair is a very artsy community, very intellectual and culturally sophisticated.

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