Gold Jewelry Must-Haves for Spring

Gold jewelry can turn any plain outfit into a masterpiece, and is a wardrobe staple every fashionista must have this spring.

Gold jewelry helps stand out.

Jewelry is always an item that cannot be forgotten for the perfect woman’s outfit. They are the items that women do not dare to forget when going out. Whether you are into arm candy, statement necklaces, plain chains, earrings and/or cuff earrings, we have you covered on what is in for the rest of this spring.

Gold Jewelry
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As jewelry is the cherry-on-top for many outfits, lately there seems to be an abundance of gold jewelry shinning on plain t-shirts and crop tops. Gold jewelry crafts any outfit to perfection. The comfy pieces you might select on a Monday morning to walk into that early  class or the plain shirt you’ve decided to wear to work after a weekend out partying will look fashionably gorgeous  just by adding one of the following must-have gold jewelry items for this spring.

The first one is Urban Outfitters’ “Luv Aj the Link Chain Necklace,” priced at $48. This link necklace is a one-for-all item; it simply goes well with anything. It’s always a good idea to have one of these around your dresser or jewelry frame, simply because if you’re in a rush, it will add to your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing. In other words, this item is a Monday through Sunday item.

The next must-have item can be found at Culture Couture, located at 53 Church Street in Montclair. The “Gold Segment Bracelet” is priced at $49.99. This is also another Monday through Sunday item that you definitely want to own for this spring and summer. This bracelet can also be added to your bathing suit piece for fashion stunts by the swimming pool.

As you shop for you spring jewelry you might also want to pick up some long drop earrings. They are making their away back to the market, as you might see them a lot in magazines and on celebrities like the Kardashians. These are available in both Culture Couture and Urban Outfitters, but do not limit yourself to these two only. Montclair boutiques are full of jewelry surprises.

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