Golden Globe Awards Extravaganza

The Golden Globe Awards kicked off award-season, and the celebrities rocket the red carpet in looks to die for!

The Golden Globe Awards presents its annual night of beauty.

The Golden Globe Sunday night was the first red carpet event of the year. It was the night where all if not most Fashionistas sat in front of their TV’s and watched their favorite celebrities post up to the red carpet event for the Golden Globe Awards.

Many celebrities did their thing Sunday night, as they strolled down the red carpet. Others failed to give more value and glamor to their wardrobe. Maybe they forgot the type of event they were attending. Whichever it may be, we know one thing: the red carpet of the Golden Globes Awards is not to be confused with the VMA’s or MTV’s Music Awards – it’s the real red carpet glamor deal.

There seems to be a huge difference between the red carpet attire of music awards and film/television awards. Film and Television red carpet events are usually taken a bit more serious. As for musical red carpet events, I suppose it must probably give artist a bit more of entitlement. They express themselves in their wardrobe selections in such an “artistic” matter. Since fashion is most used to express oneself, there is nothing wrong with this. Let’s just say one would like to treat these events as serious as they are. You wouldn’t show up to your graduation party in a  garbage bag would you? After all it’s a celebration of your achievement. The Golden Globe Awards is a night of flawless beauty.

Here is a list of celebrities who justified the Golden Globe Awards red carpet extravaganza:

On the other hand, there were Golden Globe Awards celebrities who might have just been thinking:  “Who cares, it’s just another awards night!”

Celebrities at Moscow Film Festival
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