House of Pain Live

Kick off the St. Patrick's Day weekend with House of Pain and Wellmont Theater's green beer to enhance the Irish experience.

Jump around with House of Pain to kick off St. Patrick’s Day!

house of pain
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

As a new month approaches, mark your calendars for Friday, March 18 because The Wellmont Theater is welcoming the Irish-American hip hoppers House of Pain to Montclair.

House of Pain is best known for its 1992 infectious and catchy hit single, “Jump Around,” landing the No. 3 spot in the United States, No. 6 in Ireland and No. 8 in the United Kingdom. This hit has been featured on many television and cinema productions, as well as played during numerous sporting events. Some featured film productions include Mrs. Doubtfire in 1993, Happy Gilmore and Black Hawk Down in 1996 and recently in one of 2016’s newest releases, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Television productions include My Name is Earl and American Dad.

Led by rapper Everlast, the group celebrated their Irish-American heritage by wearing green, drinking prodigious amounts of beer and swearing constantly, illustrating quite the reputation for themselves. Although the band broke up in 1996 due to the pursuit of Everlast’s solo career, they reformed in 2010.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early, pick up some green beer at the bar! Please remember to drink responsibly.

“[This show] sure sounds like a lot of fun. I think I’ll go just to jump up, jump up and get down,” said Liam Reyes, a Communications major with a love for the music industry.

Purchase the House of Pain tickets now to secure your spot on the floor with the band. Don’t panic, though; tickets will still be available at the door. When you attend the event just remember to jump up, jump up and get down! For more information about the band, check out the House of Pain’s Facebook and if you’re a die-hard fan, take the time to visit the House of Pain’s apparel website by simply going to

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