Howard Jones Gets Ready To Rock The Wellmont

Howard Jones is set to come to the Wellmont Theater on Nov. 21 to show how much today’s pop music has been influenced by his style.

Pop icon Howard Jones comes to Montclair.

howard jones
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

Howard Jones, one of the most important musicians behind the mid-1980’s synth pop wave, is playing at The Wellmont Theater on Nov. 21. Jones high energy tunes attracted many followers, and his music is some of the most memorable of the 1980’s. Coming to Montclair on the heels of a very successful few touring years, Howard Jones is in fine form to show Montclair how much of today’s pop music is influenced by himself and his style.

Howard Jones was born in Southampton, England. After starting piano lessons at the age of seven, Jones developed an ear for music and became adept at it. His family was a musical one, and he played in a band with his brothers Roy, Martin and Paul, who are all still musicians in their own right.

Jones toured as a solo artist as a teenager and young adult. In 1983, after performing at the Marquee Club in London, Jones was signed to Warner Music Group. This marked the start of an explosive career for Jones.

At the end of 1983, Jones released “New Song,” which reached Top 30 in the United States and Top 5 in the United Kingdom. Over the course of the next year, Howard Jones took the British pop scene by storm, releasing four more hits and a number one album that eventually went double platinum, Human Lib.

Vignesh Katandagradra, a longtime resident of London and immigrant from India, recalled what it was like when Howard Jones broke into British music. “I remember it was very fast. One day, some bloke names Howard Jones turns up on Top of the Pops, and blows everyone away. Music seemed a bit more fun after that. There was more energy to it. People demanded better beats and smoother tracks. He raised that bar.”

Jones released three more albums by the end of the 1980’s, cementing his place as a musician responsible for the gender-bending music that the 80’s produced. Jones continued playing large venue shows across the US until 1993, when his ten-year tenure with Warner Music Group ended.

Jones continues to tour successfully both in the UK and the US. His love for performing and creating music has lasted as long as his many hits have. In 2015, Jones released yet another album on his own record label.

Howard Jones is sure to up the tempo when he visits the Wellmont Theater on Nov. 21. His signature high-velocity low-impact style of music is incredibly fun for all ages to enjoy, although those that were witness to his rise may be more inclined to attend.

The show on Nov. 21 starts at 8 p.m., with doors opening at 7 p.m. Tickets are available online at, or you can call the venue directly at 973-783-9500.

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