IMANI Organization Offers Michelle Dorsett An Internship

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church // Photo Courtesy of Justin Brown

After many students of Montclair High School applied to intern at the Imani Organization, there was only a few selected for the position. The job would require the intern to dress appropriately each and every day to work. In addition, would have to deal with paperwork, run errands around the community to other local businesses and also help juniors and other students understand and get through the college process.

When the directors of the Imani Organization were looking for students capable of working for them, they were looking for students who were always on time, organized, works well with others and who they felt would put there 110 percent into this internship, and after multiple interviews the directors of the Imami Organization believe that they saw those same qualities in Michelle.

Michelle states that she loves her internship because every day of her internship is something new that she and her peers will be working. Michelle loves problem-solving and she feels that applying for this internship has motivated her to start her own business one day. Michelle talked greatly about the best part of her job, which she feels is talking to younger students who worry or may not understand the college process. She claims that a lot of the issues the students have been the same exact issues that Michelle dealt with when first applying for colleges. Michelle explained that she feels a great deal of pleasure when she’s helping kids understand the college process because as a lot of us know, the college process isn’t easy.

In conclusion, Michelle has loved working for the Imani Organization and feels that this internship is just another part into getting herself ready for college and all that it brings.

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