International Auto Show in NYC

The International Auto Show, easily accessible through NJ Transit, was a great opportunity to see all of the new technologies and cars on the market.

International Auto Show at Javits.

International Auto Show
Photo courtesy of Christopher Tenebruso.

This past weekend was the last weekend for the attendance of the NYC International auto show. Along with this show came some of the most expensive cars on the lot which include Bugattis, Camaros and the most talked about: the Aventador. With the amount of cars in show, it was a spectacle for any viewer.

Upon entering the Javits Center, the location of the NYC International Auto Show, the crowd was mesmerized with the sites of colossal posters indicating which section is dedicated to which car company. Ford, Toyota, Lamborghini and Aston Martin exhibited their cars (just to name a few). They also had a section dedicated to modified and street cars which was pretty exciting because it was like being on a set of a Fast and Furious movie.

Among these amazing cars were also amazing car concepts, like the Aston Martin Vulcan, which is a spectacle of car engineering and there is nothing like it. Almost every car company had their own concept car in their section. Ford had their new Ford GT, Acura had their new NSX, and probably my favorite was Cadillac’s new 2016 ATS V. This new Cadillac was able to park itself if need be and it also had an auto brake feature. If a child stepped into your rear view while you were parking the new Cadillac, it would automatically brake, saving the child. It also had a feature which gave it night vision capabilities, although the presenter didn’t really explain what that would be used for.

The best part of this was the big convenience of the local NJ Transit train, which has stations located throughout Montclair. It was a big help because it’s a direct line into the city. It was easy access for any Montclair resident, with train stations located in Upper Montclair and Montclair State University. Upon arrival in Penn Station you have access to the subway and the cabs up above on the street level. With this in mind any event or night out in the city can easily be reached by using this train station.

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