Jim Breuer at the Wellmont Theater

Legendary stand-up comedian Jim Breuer is bringing his unmistakable, everlasting brand of comedy to The Wellmont Theater in Montclair on Nov. 4.

Jim Breuer is a man who has never once seemed exhausted by his comedy career.

jim breuer
Photo courtesy of LiveNation.

Jim Breuer is a man who has never once seemed exhausted by his comedy career. Although it has contained over 20 years of laughter, Breuer’s energy seems to be infinite for the craft he has served so faithfully. From his time on Saturday Night Live where he featured as Goat Boy to having his own show, Breuer has gathered a large following for his off-the-wall comedy style.

Breuer was born in Long Island, N.Y. in 1967. As a kid, Breuer knew he wanted to be a comedian and spent several years touring comedy clubs around the country, before finally settling in the New York comedy circuit. Breuer first rose to comedy prominence when he appeared on Saturday Night Live for three years. While there, Breuer created signature characters and impressed watchers with his flawless impressions, including a brilliant Joe Pesci impersonation.

After his time on Saturday Night Live, Jim Breuer hosted his own show called The Jim Breuer Show on MTV. The show consisted of Breuer’s signature impersonations and hilarious antics as different characters. He is also well-known for his appearance in cult comedy movie Half Baked.

Along with being a talented comedian, Breuer also makes for quality listening as a radio host. His frequent appearances as a sit-in comedian on the infamous Opie and Anthony show led to Breuer to start his own show, Fridays with Jim Breuer, to be aired every Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. on Sirius radio.

His appearance at The Wellmont comes on the heels of several successful shows around New Jersey. Rutgers University Communications major Jason Perez said, “I think with some comedians, there comes the assumption that with time, their appeal deteriorates. That Jim Breuer show convinced me to never believe that. I watched him as a kid on Comedy Central and thought he was hilarious. It’s nice to see he kept that same hilarity.”

Many young fans of Breuer have been introduced to him by his hilarious videos on social media relating to his support of The New York Mets. Breuer maintains a presence on social media, resulting in shows garnering a more diverse audience than solely fans of his SNL days.

It seems Breuer’s affinity for the spotlight doesn’t end with stand-up. Breuer is a lifelong, outspoken heavy metal fan, and performs in a band called Loud & Rowdy. The band is currently on a tour that takes them as far as Texas.

Breuer’s boundless energy is sure to radiate on Nov. 4, when he shows Montclair his trademark comedy. Jim Breuer’s show at The Wellmont Theatre starts at 8 p.m. on Nov. 4. The Wellmont Theatre is located at 5 Seymour Street in Montclair. Tickets can be bought at wellmontheater.com or by calling the theatre at (973) 783-9500.

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