Jorma Kaukonen Brings Good Times to Outpost

Jorma Kaukonen, famously of Jefferson Airplane but even more famously of Hot Tuna, gave a sold-out performance on Thursday, May 30, with satisfying helpings of “tuna helper,” as exclaimed by one seasoned fan and enthusiastic concert-goer.

Jorma Kaukonen creates a great ora in the town of Montclair.

© Kyle Simpson | Dreamstime Stock Photos

The sweltering outdoor temperatures, which reached the upper 90’s, did not stop anyone from getting together to take in some sunshine that Jorma Kaukonen brought forth. He brought it forth  by keeping his lyrics and musical timbre in tune with the summery climate. Every note that came from his acoustic guitar had a summer-time vibe, reminiscent of pastimes such as fishing and camping.

Other techniques Jorma Kaukonen seems to have mastered are writing lighthearted lyrics in tune with cheerful melodies and matching somber melodies, with more somber lyrical content. This is a particular technique that not every musician can pull off, and it actually takes hard work to create and master this. Kaukonen proved this hard workmanship when he kicked the show off with “Too Many Years,” which featured a pleasant but somber guitar tone and lyrics such as “hiding our faces like strangers.”

After a few more songs, the Bay Area native acknowledged how happy he was to be in Jersey and even added some humor about having Taylor Ham (otherwise known as pork roll) for breakfast that morning, a popular food item amongst native Jerseyans.

Three songs later, Jorma Kaukonen proceeded to tell the audience that “songs are all about telling stories.” Kaukonen is saying that all songs have to have some sort of meaning, whether it is hidden or straightforward.

Jorma Kaukonen took everyone down his “River of Time” with an intention to prompt the audience to accept life the way it is and to make the most out of their lives. Another story he told was “Cracks in the Finish,” which urges people to seize any opportunity that is within reach, or even beyond reach, because, “chances are like crystal,” and crystal breaks when dropped. Both of these songs are featured on his most recent album, “River of Time,” released in 2009.

Montclair Bread Company is also proof of that the community loves to come together to help Outpost in the Burbs, as they took the time out of their busy schedules to provide delicious baked goods for the audience.

The next Outpost event, as well as the final one for this spring season, is a Tri-Bil that will take place at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Montclair on June 7. Bobtown, the Jammin’ Divas and Tall Heights will all be part of that event.

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