Kaleidoscope Concert Dazzles Audience

The John J. Cali School of Music annual "Kaleidoscope" concert didn’t just open eyes, but it opened minds, giving a broader and colorful view into music and the arts.

Kaleidoscope opened up so many perspectives.

Classical music instruments oboe
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The annual Kaleidoscope concert, preformed last Friday and Saturday was a 90-minute non-stop extravaganza featuring music of all styles: choral, orchestral, band, jazz, vocal, chamber, musical theater and solo instrumental. Kaleidoscope is a celebration of the diverse programming and talented faculty and students of the Cali School.

I was very surprised at how disciplined every performance was, since we are only six weeks into the school year.

I thought the circus was the “greatest show on earth,” but I just found out there are now two “greatest shows.” Saturday night I had the pleasure to attend Kaleidoscope 2013 at the Alexander Kasser Theater on the Montclair State University Campus, which featured both students and faculty of the John J. Cali School of Music.  This performance, which was sold out both days, was part of the “Peak Performances @ Montclair” series that presents performances of dance, theater and music throughout the year.

Many were wondering how disciplined the performance itself would be since we were only six weeks into the school year, but the audience (which was at full house capacity) was treated with over 300 performers, playing, singing and dancing a rainbow of wonderful music from Puccini’s Tosca, sung beautifully by faculty member Stephen Oosting to “Symphonic Dances from West Side Story” performed by the MSU Wind Symphony and the BFA Musical Theater Singers.

There were also performances by various ensembles from brass to percussion that were finely done.  One highlight of the evening was the performance of “Desh (An Indian Raga)” by MSU Singers, conducted by faculty member Heather Buchanan. This suburb piece of music was written and arranged by Ethan Sperry. I loved the music that was a perfect marriage of Classical and a folk-like arrangement fitting together like a glove. The level of dexterity performed by the small choir ensemble (especially their soprano section) can only be described as breathtaking. Montclair State is definitely fortunate to have the gifted composers and brilliant singers at its school.

Overall, I without a doubt enjoyed the 90 minutes of non-stop music and loved the fact that the audience not only got to experience the level of musical skills of the current students of the School of Music but also the exceptionally talented faculty.  Congratulations to the students and faculty for putting on such a professional performance.  “Peak Performances @ Montclair” continues with programs all through the academic year, and you can get additional information on their website.

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