Karen Greenberg, LCSW: Therapist

Karen Greenberg, LCSW, specializes in depressions, divorce, abuse and more.

Get help from Karen Greenberg, LCSW.

There are many things in life that can cause stress: relationships, anxiety, illness, abuse. Making the decision to see a therapist is highly personal. Karen Greenberg, LCSW, practices in both Montclair and Morganville, N.J. and offers many different types of aid to those who need it. Some of  Greenberg’s specialities include: anger management, anxiety, chronic illness, co-dependency, depression, divorce, domestic abuse, grief, marital/premarital and relationships.

“Whether you are struggling emotionally, having difficulty in a relationship or finding it challenging to cope with a life transition, it takes courage to admit you may need help,” said Greenberg. “With self-help advice available on the shelf of your local bookstore or just a click away, it may seem easier to explore such topics privately, rather than voicing your most vulnerable thoughts and feelings aloud. Discussing your thoughts and feelings with a licensed professional, however, may be exactly what you need to relieve the pain, and create a new path toward personal growth.”

Couples Therapy can be similar to learning a new dance. Greenberg assists each couple in developing the fundamentals, so they can choreograph and rehearse a new style of interaction that supports the individual yet allows the couple to blend harmoniously as a pair. Through this process, couples often rediscover the passion that originally drew them together and healing can occur. Drawing courtesy of Chris Carter.

Greenberg understands stress and anxiety and is uniquely qualified to calm your nerves and put you at ease. She’s been helping people for years before becoming a therapist. Greenberg began her career as a dental hygienist, where the most anxious patients were immediately put at ease by her calm demeanor and soft voice. “I noticed that when I took an interest in my patients and simply listened to them, their anxiety would disappear,” said Greenberg. “This inspired me to pursue a degree in social work so one day I could provide professional guidance to those in need of emotional support and healing.”

While earning her master’s degree in social work at NYU, Greenberg gained experience counseling couples at a non-profit agency. She successfully helped couples navigate through the emotional turmoil of adoption and confront challenges unique to parenting adopted children. Greenberg often draws from this experience when helping couples resolve conflict and develop intimacy.

Greenberg attended the Ackerman Institute for the Family during post-graduate training, where she studied the evolution of couple and family therapy and counseled couples and families with serious and complex issues. Among her many interests are relational trauma, attachment and the unconscious process by which family history tends to repeat. She is highly adept at catering her therapeutic approach to the unique needs of her clients. Greenberg believes training in couple therapy enhances her work with individuals simply because most everyone is in a relationship involving a couple, whether it be a parent, child, sibling, friend or intimate partner. 

Greenberg’s passion about her work is reflected in ongoing post graduate training. She credits her keen understanding of the impact culture has upon relationships to her international training at International Psychotherapy Institute with colleagues from around the world who meet to discuss an array of clinical approaches and alternative ideas.

For more information about Greenberg or to schedule an appointment, call 732-241-6738.

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